The Magician Tarot Symbolism

magician tarot symbolism

If you have ever perused a tarot deck, you may have stumbled across The Magician tarot card. It is the second card in the major arcana, following The Fool. The Magician card is incredibly rich in symbolism, offering layer upon layer of meaning. Being a powerful signifier of manifestation, The Magician has all his tools at his disposal to wield his magic in the physical world. 

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The Magician Key Facts

Upright Meaning: Manifestation, willpower, opportunities arising, skills, ability, self-mastery

Reversed Meaning: Manipulation, wasted talent, blockages, deception, illusion

Yes or No: Yes

Element: Air

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Planet: Mercury

The Number One

The number one is generally representative of unity. It is a masculine number that is upright, and phallic. The number holds the powerful vibration of, “as above, so below.”

Infinity Sign 

The figure 8 above the magician’s head signifies eternity and infinite possibilities. The stance of the Magician is one of a person standing in their power. He had his right arm pointed to the sky, and his left hand pointed down to the earth. This suggests that he is able to harness the energy of the divine realm and bring it to the earthly plane to manifest his heart’s desires.

The White Wand

The white wand is the pure channel of spiritual wisdom that the magician uses to manifest his desires. It is double-tipped because it is connected to both the divine and the earthly plane. The Magician is the conduit for the higher realms. His strong grip denotes the power he has to master his destinies. He has a strong will and pure intentions. 

The Table

A table is intentional. It is a place to set items down so we can lighten our load. The table in The Magician tarot card serves as the sacred space where the character is able to work on their magic. It is imperative that magician have a place where they can organize themselves – a place to work on themselves and refine their skills.

The Sword

The sword on the table represents the suit of swords – intellect, wisdom, and new ideas. The sword signifies air energy and the power of our own thoughts. It is through this element that we can reflect on the world around us and make decisions that serve our highest good.

The Pentacle

The pentacle is earth energy. It denotes materialism, possessions, home, jobs, money, and being grounded. The pentacle on the table implies that the magician is able to manifest the abundance of their heart’s desires. They are grounded enough to put in the work to achieve their goals.

The Wand

The wand on the table signifies fire energy and the power of passion and enthusiasm. The magician is fueled with passion and a thirst for life that they are able to harness the energy to achieve their desires.

The Cup

Cups represent water energy. The cup on the table symbolizes emotions, feelings, and love. With compassion and forgiveness, the magician is able to walk his path. He is graceful and caring to those he meet, which allows love to flow into every area of his life on his journey.

Roses and Lilies

Roses and lilies frame The Magician tarot card. They signify a bountiful garden that the magician is able to create. They also represent love and personal growth, suggesting that every step of the way, the magician is stepping more into their power.
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