Two of Wands: Yes or No?

two of wands yes or no

A tarot reading can be a useful tool for gaining clarity in any area of your life. If you are looking for answers, the cards can help you see possible pathways you may not have thought about. 

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Every tarot card is rich in interpretation, which can make it challenging at times to navigate the messages that are trying to come through. If you pull the Two of Wands, you may have a hard time navigating the meaning of this card since it speaks about making important decisions and planning your next steps. 

The Two of Wands tarot card can suggest that you may have some big changes on the horizon, and you will have to decide whether to leap or stay put in certain situations. This article will address how to interpret the Two of Wands in all matters – love, career, and finances – and how to read a definitive yes or no of the tarot card. 

Two of Wands Key Facts

Upright Meaning: Decisions, travel, partnerships, the development stage of an idea or plan, discovery, patience

Reversed Meaning: Fear of the unknown, restlessness, resistance to change, lack of planning

Yes or No: Maybe

Element: Fire

Astrological Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars

Two of Wands Description

The Two of Wands shows a man dressed in red and orange standing at the battlement of a castle. He is holding the world in his hands and staring off into the distance. He is holding a wand in his other hand and looks as though he is planning something. There is a wand behind him that is attached to the castle. This can represent that opposing forces are at work. Since he stands in the safety of his castle, this implies that although he is aware of the world outside and many experiences that await him beyond his home, he is yet to take the leap. He may not be ready to venture out of his comfort zone just yet. Specifically, it speaks of the question, “should I stay, or should I go?”

Two of Wands: Yes or No?

The Two of Wands in a yes or no reading can be difficult to determine. It is more a maybe than a hard yes or no. The card suggests that you take a chance, but the outcome cannot yet be determined. 

Since the Two of Wands is a tarot card of planning and decision-making, be sure to weigh up your options before making your final decision. Take some time out to meditate and connect with your higher self. Feel each option out and choose the one that you think will bring you the most joy. Remember, you cannot make a wrong decision if you are following your heart and intuition. Every experience will present you with valuable lessons and an opportunity to grow and expand.

If you are trying to determine whether you should stay in a relationship or job, you may want to sit down and ask yourself if you are being supported by staying where you are. Are you still growing? It may be time to let go of situations that are no longer serving you. Be honest with yourself and ask if you are keeping yourself stuck because you are comfortable where you are.

If you pull the Two of Wands regarding your finances, you may have to make a big decision. You might be in the process of making a large purchase or signing a contract for something that could lead to a brand-new lifestyle. Be sure to carefully read the paperwork before signing anything.

Reversed Two of Wands Meaning

The Two of Wands in the reversed position can represent you struggling to embrace the changes in your life. You may be holding onto old ways of doing things and resisting opportunities for growth. 

You may have insecurities about taking action in your life and you may be prone to playing the victim, expecting the world to deliver you opportunities without going out and seeking them. The reversed Two of Wands encourages you to strategize your plans and take action on the things that excite you.

Perhaps, you may tend to play the big fish in the small pond and are reluctant to step outside of your comfort zone because you fear the unknown.

When interpreting the messages within a tarot card, consider the surrounding cards in your spread to gain a deeper understanding. You may wish to write down or record your interpretations so you can refer to them at a later date.

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