The Lovers, The Sun and Knight of Cups Tarot cards based on Rider-Waite

Our Tarot forecast for December 10 and the week that follows has in the present, The Sun, Tarot card #19. This card applies to Friday December 10, all of Saturday, December 11 and most of Sunday, December 12. At some point on Sunday, though, the resolution of this reading will begin to take precedence. This is the future of the reading (through December 16) and is represented by the Knight of Cups. The foundation of the present is represented by The Lovers card, which occupies the past position of this reading. This card refers to the week that has just passed and the energy it has lent to your present situation.

Right now The Sun card represents a time of triumph, a rebirth, a getting what you wanted. Friday and Saturday will be steady days of victory in the field into which you have been putting effort recently. But let’s look first at the foundation of what got you here.

The Past: The Lovers

The Lovers card represents our relationship with others and not necessarily only a card of physical intimacy with another person. This card indicates an intense, all-consuming relationship with an individual that has a transformative effect on you. This person could be a parent, a sibling, a child, a boss, a friend or some charismatic individual with whom you had an experience that has changed your outlook.

Think back to the past week and see if you cannot recall an exchange you had, one-on-one, with someone. Yes, it could be a sexual encounter with a soulmate. But it also could have been a discussion of the things that are most important to you in life. The Lovers is a card that emphasizes how the union of two people – in any capacity, be it physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual – can be an experience that fundamentally alters our consciousness.

Your present situation is looking upbeat because a recent encounter has changed the way you feel about yourself. Uncertainty from a few weeks ago has dissipated. Could one encounter have done all that? Not really, you had it all inside you; it is just that now you can actually unleash your potential after being assured of its existence.

As you have come into your own through a recent partnering, now you must encounter the world as an individual. Something about you is likely to be the center of attention today and over the weekend.

The Present: The Sun

The Sun Tarot card illustrates a naked baby on a white stallion, its shawl flying off as it bathes in the warm glow of a peaceful and wise sun. Today and this weekend are your moment in the sun. Your certainty of purpose and sense of having already won at the game of life carry you along.

When this card appears in the present position, it is a sign to live life to the fullest with the assurance that you are on the correct path. You might notice that you have gained a certain visibility and are more prominent in your social circle. This can manifest in the popular people suddenly taking a liking to you, imitating the social model of a high school. If you run with a more mature crowd, this card in this position indicates that some peers will be acknowledging your influence in the way they conduct themselves.

The triumph of this card is made all the sweeter by the innocence inherent in it. The child on that horse is you and you have earned your present victory with the utmost honesty and integrity. You are pure and did not commit an underhanded dealing at any point along the way to arrive at this current pinnacle of success. Your authority in this matter has become unimpeachable because you owe nobody any favors for giving you cuts in line.

A downside of The Sun card is also embodied by this infant. Your expressions of joy and pleasure over the new plateau you have reached might expose your status as a new arrival. You may be a bit naïve on how to carry yourself in a situation where you are the one setting the example. The foundation of this reading comes from a relationship, and as much individual strength that last week’s encounter may have give you, your invigoration as an individual might rub some people the wrong way. If you experience any criticism over the weekend, understand that people might not be used to the articulate expression of simple joy that you carry with you. You are not at fault for who you are and how you feel, but your style may be a bit primitive for the stature you have achieved in such a short time.

From this position of peace and joy we all experience, next week should be one that produces a refinement of these many feelings. You may need to pull back from your moment in the sun to take in the slight but definite changes that occurred this month.

The Future: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups card also features a white horse, but here it is carrying a calm rider fully dressed in a suit of armor and carrying a golden chalice. Cups are the symbol of emotion in the Tarot deck, while knights are the sign of a rapid arrival. No matter how changed you are over the events of the past week, by the middle of next week, you will be noticeably more mature as a result.

The Week’s Outcome

Perhaps next week will bring you an appreciation of what you are going through that you cannot see at the moment because you are right in the middle of it. Maybe your ability to be gracious after a period of self-examination will help that inner child of yours grow up and be more socially adept. Whatever the situation that arises, though, this forecast indicates an expansion of your consciousness will be occurring between the time you read this and a week from now. Being able to look at the world with a little better emotional assurances will make for a great way to head into the holiday season with your sights set on a dynamite new year.

And so concludes your general forecast. For a more detailed forecast personalized to you for your week, month or year ahead, call a Tarot reader today.

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