How Can I Learn About My Past Life?

Between work and family obligations, relationship issues, and finding a sense of purpose in your present life, it’s likely that you’re not even thinking about what happened in another time and another place—but you should be. Past life memories can have a major influence on who you are and what you are doing in the present.

This article teaches you how to learn about your past life through:

  1. Tarot Readings
  2. Love and Relationship Readings
  3. Spiritual Readings

It’s quite possible that events that took place in your past life will affect your relationships, career, and general life path today, and in the future. Of course, there’s no way for you to know exactly what this means unless you book a reading with a psychic advisor. While KEEN has many experts that can answer questions such as, “who was I in my past life?”, there are three major readings you should consider to gain clarity on this confusing and controversial topic.

1. Tarot Reading

The hand you receive in a tarot reading can provide you with valuable insight about your past life. Each reading draws up cards that illustrate your past, but those are typically pointing to recent past, or even further back—but a time when you were on earth. There are a few significant cards, however, that divulge information about your past lives, to include who you were and who you knew. For example, the Temperance card means you were wise and reserved in your past life — good news. In the present time, you will be rewarded for your good behavior. However, you have to be aware of addictive tendencies such as excessive drinking, eating, or sexual relations — perhaps this is an aftershock from being reserved in the past. This is just one of many illustrations about how a tarot reading can link your past life to your present. 

2. Love & Relationship Reading

We’ve been conditioned to believe that in order to move forward with the future, we must let go of the past. While there’s truth to this theory, sometimes it’s helpful to go backward in order to move forward. A love and relationship reading can provide you with a greater insight into your past life relationships with family, friends, and lovers so that you can be more realistic about what to expect about your future connections with others in your present and future life.

3. Spiritual Reading

The purpose of a spiritual reading is to provide you with intuitive guidance in an effort to aid you with personal growth. It’s possible that the information you receive is something you already knew or sensed—that’s your intuition talking. However, it can also be a tool to go back in time and assess prior relationships and lives. Fear, negativity, reactions, and emotions are all shaped by our ego during situations from our past. While you can’t change history, you can recreate it in the present if you have the right intel.

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