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The past is given a lot of importance in our lives. The meaning we give to the word, “past”, can determine how much power it has over who we are, what happens in the present and how we see our future. But in reality, the connection we make between the past and the present is an illusion. The past is something that happened and now has nothing to do with the present or future.

Two different people can experience the same event, but have their own individual perception of what happened. Their memories and feelings will be uniquely their own. So what occurred does not result in only one outcome. There are an endless number of responses that one could have to the same event. It is important to understand that you do not need to give the past any special attention that is ultimately going to interfere with how you live in the present and move on to the future.

Fear, negativity, reactions and emotions are all shaped by our ego during situations from our past. You could be walking down the street, notice a car that looks just like that of your ex-boyfriend and suddenly be transported back in time. Your human ego takes you to a place where you experience once again the fight you had when he didn’t call, how he was unfaithful or mistreated you in some other way.

The problem with reacting to present events by focusing on negativity evoked from what happened at an earlier time, is that we will attract more situations into our lives that recreate negative emotions and memories. Do you really want to feel awful and always be controlled by something that has already happened?

One often hears, “The past is the past. You can’t change it.” But that statement is misleading. You may not be able to find a time machine on Ebay that will rectify the supposed “wrongs” of your past, but you can change your perception. When you glean something positive from a negative instance, you alter that part of the past. Our thoughts create our reality. Thus, when your focus is on the positive, you will create positive feelings and attract more positive memories and events into your present life.

It is important to remember that every single situation has brought you to where you are at this moment. Although heartbreaks, financial hardships and loss of jobs can seem like disasters, they can be blessings in disguise. Rather than think, “Wow! I was such a loser because I couldn’t keep a job,” focus on something good that came out of the experience. Perhaps losing a job pushed you into learning a more interesting trade or perhaps you met a special person in a new workplace. By shifting your thoughts and feelings, you are on your way to attracting positive people, situations and experiences into your life.

How to Recreate the Past

  1. When a Negative Memory Creeps Up, Change It

    Daydream about how you would have liked the event to unfold while keeping in mind that you cannot change another person. Focus on feeling excited or happy, rather than on being upset about something that happened. Imagine feeling relieved that you did not get that job because it really wasn’t right for you. Believe that breaking up with your ex was the right thing to do for the wellbeing of you both.

  2. Change the Beliefs You Created From Past Events

    Do you believe that love is hard? Do you believe you will always have financial difficulty? Change these beliefs. Visualize yourself laughing at those beliefs. Isn’t it silly to think that the Universe doesn’t want you to have success like other people? Isn’t it hilarious that we gave so much power over to another person or situation that it altered our thoughts? Embrace the belief that you have the power to change it all for your highest good.

  3. Find the Lessons in Your Experiences

    What did you learn from negative experiences? What did you gain? Remember to focus on the positive. Do not think about how you spent two weeks on the couch eating cookie dough because some guy didn’t want you. Instead, relax into the mental state where you had those “aha” moments. By focusing on the lessons, you’ll be attracting more “aha” moments about the past and your current situations. This place of clarity and acceptance will bring peace.

Overall, don’t be a slave to your past. Remember that you will magnetize whatever you focus on. What do you want to come into your life? A relationship? A new friend? A Jaguar roadster convertible? Empower yourself to overcome old futile feelings and beliefs. By arriving at a place of inner harmony, you will consistently attract what you want into your life and manifest your highest good.

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