Revealing Past Lives Through the Tarot

revealing past lives through the tarot

The Tarot deck is a great way to predict your future and to analyze a present situation. Every Tarot reading has cards dealt into foundation areas that illustrate your past. Most of the time these cards are concerned with your recent past or perhaps issues from your childhood. But there are a few cards in the Tarot deck that may reveal information about your past lives when they appear in the part of your reading that deals with the past.

Tarot cards that depict a large body of water might indicate information about your past life when they appear in your foundation (past) position. Read below to discover more about the past life significance of tarot imagery.


You were wise and reserved in your past life. This lifetime is a reward for the good karma you built up by being a resource for humanity in the distant past. You may have tendencies of excessive behavior, like drinking to excess or overeating, love addiction or just being a drama queen.

You are making up for lost time while simultaneously sacrificing elevating your consciousness to a supremely high level. If you can learn to love without excess, your successes will build upon the goodwill you established in your previous incarnation. .

The Star

This indicates a past life of spiritual knowledge. You had a struggle in your past life and found great redemption through wisdom. This lifetime will bring rewards in the form of fantastic inspiration.

Unfortunately, the materialistic values of our time do not necessarily reward great ideas and insights. However, your role as an artist, poet or creative individual will take you on the path to your true self.

The Moon

This card in the past position of a Tarot reading indicates an intense love for another being from a previous lifetime. No matter how close or in love you are, you will depart from this existence alone. In your next life you may discover this person again. But you may also have that longing for a lost soulmate that is never quite redeemed.

A Tarot reading will let you know just where on earth your lost soulmate can be found. But beware: he or she might be a child, an older person, a pet or even a tree in a meadow. Tracking down a lover from a past life is often more difficult than waiting for the cosmos to match you up with someone perfect for who you are today.

Two of Wands

You were wealthy and successful in a past life. This lifetime is informed by that success in allowing you to make the most of opportunities, but you may seek more excitement than is good for you.

Ace of Cups

You sacrificed so much for loved ones in a previous lifetime that you now have an extended family looking out for you. Many children whose parents save in order to pay for their college see this card revealed..

Eight of Cups

One of your past lives had an intense disruption such as a premature death. The echo of having left too soon can follow you to this day.

Two of Swords

In your most recent past life you may have subservient to others. You were expected to do what you were told. You may now carry a fear of independence into this lifetime that is hard to shake off.

Five of Swords

In a past life you were truly deceitful. You are paying for misdeeds by punishing yourself well into your adulthood of your current lifetime. But the good news is you have done the time for your crime and can release yourself whenever you wish.

Six of Swords

Your past life was one filled with terror and regret. Perhaps you were in the middle of a war-torn country and never really got a chance to enjoy life. This could make you more somber than you need to be in your present circumstances.

Ten of Swords

A past life ended sadly and you are spending so much of this lifetime still mourning that loss that is beyond your grasp. It is time to release yourself from the cycle of grief.

Two of Pentacles

You lived a wild life in the past and saw much material gain and loss occur. Having seen more in one lifetime than most people, you have a tentative relationship with money in this incarnation.

Page, Knight, Queen or King of Cups

Any of the court cards for the suit of Cups in the past position of your Tarot reading is a strong indicator of a message about your past life. In fact, these might be the most powerful channels to the previous address of your soul.

You emotional attachments in this lifetime are to entities from your previous lives. Some of the people in your world now interacted with your past incarnations. Friends, lovers, family members, enemies, rivals and casual acquaintances today were once enmeshed in your daily existence thousands of years and a universe away.

You are not doomed to repeat your past with these court cards. You are in fact destined to be entertained by it, and perhaps even learn something useful for your present and future lives.

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