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The Vedic Astrological method is used by over a billion people – primarily on the Indian subcontinent – as a means of guiding their lives and everyday decisions. The biggest difference between Vedic and Western Astrology is that zodiac signs start earlier in the Vedic calendar than they do in the Western system. Marriages are often arranged down to the details of the dowry in India using Vedic astrological guidance. Since social status and family obligations are not the overbearing cultural morals in the West, the application of this astrological system in our world is for career choices and opportunities. Think of it this way – you can be your Western sign for love and choose your own partner regardless of your family’s aspirations and adopt your Vedic sign to get the best job offer and financial security!

Read your sign below for your Vedic career forecast, but pay attention to the dates – those born closest to the Vedic cusps are the most likely to have attributes of two zodiac signs.

Meṣa (Ram) / Aries April 16 – May 15

Business is dependent on external career factors over which you have little control. Any chance you get to influence a supervisor or manager with friendliness and socializing is a point in your favor as tough times break weak bonds. A Self-employed Meṣa is better off as this person can control his or her own career fate in 2009.

Vṛṣabha (Bull) / Taurus May 16 – June 13

Getting out into new territory is favored, be it traveling to promote a product or emphasizing research and development. Sitting still and spinning your wheels producing the same old product is a recipe for disaster. Embracing a new look at things could put a Vṛṣabha in a position to be the first to spot a new trend and capitalize on it.

Mithuna (Twins) / Gemini June 14 – July 12

This is the time to find an investor. While people may not be parting with their money as freely as in the past, the chance to impress someone with a detailed proposal is ripe for the picking. Look to be the Mithuna who turns over every stone of the details as you can answer every concern of the people who have the money that will be used for your new project.

Karka (Crab) / Cancer July 13 – August 12

The wealth will come through a partner this year. A business partner may finally have a lead that translates into big money. Your romantic partner may have a connection that is unavailable to you but can be tapped with the proper social finesse. Karka would be wise to team up for 2009 as you cannot do it alone but there is wealth in being the supportive partner.

Siṃha (Lion) / Leo August 12 – September 11

There is much money to be made in the field of organizational effort. Making a bureaucracy more efficient could be a gold mine. Your efforts in 2009 should be directed towards streamlining administrative procedures to boost productivity. To be a Siṃha in 2009 is to be constantly honing the way filing and calculating is done. The payoff is going to be great.

Kanyā (Girl) / Virgo September 12 – October 12

A long-term project, a passion that many have scoffed at as something that will never make money starts to yield good results in 2009. Be wary of moochers, critics and analysts with conservative projections. The Kanyā who is bold in business this year will be the one sitting on piles of money in the years to come.

Tula (Balance) / Libra October 13 – November 12

There may be too much tension in your home life to serve your career interests well this year. The home is a place of passionate confrontation that makes the push for success difficult to maintain. If Tula is working from a home office, though, the passions are likely to create more energy than can be harnessed and success in career endeavors occurs with ease this year.

Vṛścika (Scorpion) / Scorpio November 13 – December 13

Wild communication coincidences bless 2009 with the special edge that is often needed for success. You will overhear of job opportunities, office politics and other minute details about customer needs that can give you inside information. When Vṛścika uses this information for success in 2009, career magic happens in ways that only the cosmos can explain.

Dhanus (Bow) / Sagittarius December 14 – January 13

The chances to get rich are upon you in the area of your career in 2009. Even if the money is not pouring in, the concrete of a firm foundation for future success will be poured this year by all of the Dhanus sign. A blessing of excessive wealth will forever be enmeshed with 2009 in your life’s story.

Makara (Sea Monster) / Capricorn January 14 – February 13

Your chance at success in a career field this year hinges on your ability to be seen as a brand itself, the embodiment of your own corporation. Take equity in everything you represent and market the whole package to your employers, co-workers and anyone paying top dollar for your services. This is a year for Makara to break from the assembly line of workers and maximize success.

Kumbha (Pitcher) / Aquarius February 14 – March 15

This is no year to stop with the networking. In fact, 2009 sees you piecing together old networking possibilities into new relationships that you control and can manipulate for great benefit. Melt the past and present into a new color of success for your future. Kumbha will find that missing pieces to the career puzzle suddenly turn up in time to complete the picture of success.

Mīna (Fish) / Pisces March 16 – April 15

A struggle to maintain career goals as your personal life distracts you will be the recurring theme of 2009. You have never been more popular and in demand as you are this year, but work demands your input and commitment. Mīna is best advised to make romantic overtures to the owner of the company in order to assure job security in the face of opposition of jealous co-workers.

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