3 Birthday Tarot Spreads for Your Year

birthday tarot spreads

While birthdays are a time for celebration, they can also be an excellent period for self-reflection. They’re a gentle reset and the following two months after your natal day can be a powerful chapter of positive manifestation.

Doing a birthday tarot reading is a great idea as it can help you gain some clarity on your past year, get better insight into what to expect for the year ahead as well as help you align yourself with your goals for the following year.

The Simple Three Card Birthday Tarot Spread

If you’re looking for some fast answers and an overarching theme of your past year and future year, this is the spread for you.

Find a quiet space to meditate and shuffle the cards. Focus on a white light surrounding you to help center your energy and sharpen your intuition. Pull the cards next to one another one at a time or all at once. You may wish to record yourself speaking or keep a notepad and pen handy to write down any messages that come through.

three-card spread

Card #1: What should I take away from the previous year?

Card #2: What can I expect from this next year?

Card #3: What challenges do I need to be aware of?

A Five-Card Birthday Tarot Spread

This spread is great if you’re looking for some insight into what your main area of focus for the following four seasons will be.

Card #1 The overall energy of the previous year

Card #2 The first three months

Card #3 The second three months

Card #4 The third three months

Card #5 The final three months

An In-Depth Birthday Tarot Spread

This ten-card spread is excellent for reflecting on what energies are leaving your life and what new energies will be entering. This spread will explore the key areas of your life (love, career, health, and spirituality or personal development) and give you some insight into what to expect for the year ahead. 

Card #1: Your previous year in summary

Card #2: What have you learned from the past year?

Card #3: What do you need to let go of in order to grow?

Card #4: What will be your main focus for the next 12 months?

Card #5: What challenges will you face in the following 12 months?

Card #6: Your career, work, and finances for the coming year.

Card #7: Your relationships and love life for the coming year.

Card #8: Your health and wellbeing for the coming year. 

Card #9: What do you need to focus on for the year ahead?

Card #10: What is the most important lesson for the year ahead?

A great idea for harnessing the energy of your birthday is to do a ritual of writing down your goals the things you are grateful for from the following year along with your goals for this upcoming year. You can do this along with meditation and a birthday tarot reading to help guide you in what to let go of and what to expect for the upcoming year. Write down any observations so you can revisit them in a year’s time and compare them.

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