Six of Pentacles Love Meaning

six of pentacles love

Need some help deciphering what the Six of Pentacles means in your reading? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are an expert tarot reader or just starting out, it can be difficult at times to determine what message is trying to come through as each tarot card is rich in meaning.

The Six of Pentacles has many different interpretations depending on what aspect of your life you are pulling for. The card speaks of harmony and balance in all situations. It is a card of humble gratitude and when interpreted through the lens of love, may indicate a calm, reciprocal partnership. Below, we will explore in detail how to interpret the Six of Pentacles in the context of a love tarot reading.

Six of Pentacles Keywords

Upright: giving, receiving, sharing wealth with others, generosity, charity, gratitude.

Reversed: debt, greed, one-sided relationships, desperation, dependence, disloyalty, having to beg, not having enough

Six of Pentacles Description

In the tarot card, you can see a character dressed in fine garb standing. Two characters kneel beneath them begging. The garb is made up of a robe and elaborate headdress, implying that the character might not only be rich, but royal. 

In one hand, they hold coins that they are giving to the beggars, and in the other, they hold a balanced scale. The scale suggests the character is more interested in giving coins, than receiving. Scales represent justice and equality, so the balanced scale infers the card is about equal give and take. 

The beggar on the left has an orange cloak and receiving the coins. The orange cloak suggests their needs are more material. The beggar on the right is dressed in a blue cloak and not receiving coins. The blue implies their needs are more emotional than material. 

Six of Pentacles Love Meaning  

When we are to look at the Six of Pentacles through the interpretation of a love relationship, there are several possible messages that come through.

In a love tarot reading, Six of Pentacles speaks of relationships that are supportive, generous, and kind in nature. As a shared energy, your relationship may be a harmonious match of giving and receiving between you both. The act of helping others is very important to the couple. 

Another way of interpreting the card is to take a closer look at which character you identify with – the giver or the receiver. It could suggest that you are receiving unconditional support – whether financial, emotional, or spiritual – from your partner or the other way around. If you have to lean on your partner to help you get through school, a new business venture, or a troubling time, you may be surprised by their willingness to help you out. The card in terms of partnership is quite positive but encourages the seeker to look at their relationship dynamic and correct the balance if it is at all one-sided. Be sure to show your appreciation to your partner if they are helping you out and reciprocate your love and energy.

If you’re single, you may find that there is a person about to enter or already in your life who is generous with their energy, time or resources. This situation may turn into love. Another possibility is that you may meet someone through volunteering, charity work, or a situation where you are helping a friend or family member. 

You may also be going through a period where you are more giving to yourself and practicing deeper self-love. Focusing your attention inward may be magnetizing a romantic partner to you. 

Reversed Six of Pentacles Love Meaning 

Pulling the Six of Pentacles in the reversed position for a love reading suggests that there is not an equal give and take in your relationship dynamic.

It may symbolize that one of you is needy and dependent on the other for finances, emotional support, or spiritual growth. If you are the one who is giving, you may be developing feelings of resentment toward your partner for not giving back or standing on their own two feet. You may also feel as though you have to beg for the bare minimum from them. The card may indicate that your partner feels this way about you if they are the main provider.

If you are single and looking for love, the Six of Pentacles may be trying to communicate to you that you tend to be over-giving in your relationships and that you need to develop stronger boundaries with others. It may be pointing out that you tend to be taken advantage of because of your kind and generous nature. You may spend more than you have on people as an effort to win their affections. You should be mindful of how much you are giving financially, emotionally, and energetically to others and give people the opportunity to show how they can give back.

If you are struggling with feelings of self-worth or have been particularly critical on yourself, the Six of Pentacles is asking you to give back to yourself. Buy yourself a present, treat yourself, and focus your attention inward.

Six of Pentacles as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, the Six of Pentacles generally denotes two things. 

If they feel like the provider, they might take great joy and pride in this role. They may feel that they help you financially or provide you with something you need emotionally or physically. 

If they feel like the beggars in the picture, they may view as a good, loyal friend and are grateful for the help you give them.

In some cases, the Six of Pentacles can be interpreted to mean they feel like they always have to ask or beg you to help them, and you never do it of your own volition. They could even feel obliged to help you; that you cannot help yourself. 

When reading the tarot, consider the surrounding cards to give you more clarification on the message coming through. Always go with your first instinct as this is the most truthful. You may wish to write down or record your interpretations so you can refer back to them at a later date.

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