A Guide to Ayurvedic Palm Reading

ayurvedic palm reading

All the answers you seek lie in the palm of your hand. If you have ever wondered what was in store for you, you may have turned to tarot readers, oracle card readers, or clairvoyants to give you clarity. But another way you can learn more about what may be coming toward you is to get an ayurvedic palm reading.

Curious about palm reading? Book a reading with one of our psychic advisors and they can teach you more. 

What is Ayurvedic Palm Reading?

Ayurvedic palmistry coupled with Ayurveda astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination dating back to ancient times. Astro-palmists could determine zodiac signs and planetary positions and ultimately identify your horoscope by reading the lines on your palm. 

What makes Astro-palmistry different than classic palmistry is it combines the elements of more traditional palmistry with Ayurvedic astrology to give you an accurate and detailed horoscope reading that is specific to you. Ayurvedic astrology charts the planetary positions in the zodiac at the exact time you were born. The positions and aspects of all the planets during the time of your birth make up your birth chart and can tell you about yourself in great detail.

If you have wanted to learn about your astrological makeup in detail, an Astro palmistry session is a great way to do it. You can start your journey into Astro palmistry by first learning how to read the main lines of your palm.

What Your Palm Lines Say About You

Want to know how to read your palm? First, determine what aspect of your life you wish to learn more about. If you want to learn more about your work life or outward personality, read the lines on your dominant hand. However, if you are seeking answers regarding your internal world and relationships, read your non-dominant hand. 

Secondly, study the lines of your palm. Notice which ones appear more pronounced than others and observe if there are any that are quite faint. If you are having a hard time making out the lines on your palm, you can cup your hand under a bright light. However, ayurvedic palm reading suggests you take note of what lines are more difficult to read as it points to areas of your life that are weak and you need to work on.

Below is a guide to interpreting the three dominant lines of your palm:

The Heart Line

A major line on your hand, the heart line begins just below your pinkie finger on the mount of Jupiter or Saturn and runs horizontally across your palm. It is the topmost line that you will see on your palm. The shape and length of your heart line can be an indicator of how you relate to others. 

Long heart lines tend to indicate someone who is sweet, romantic, and understanding. If your heart line has an arc, you lead with your heart and are quite passionate in nature. If your heart line is straight, you are somewhat balanced in your approach to others. You might be rational in matters of the heart, but you always factor in other people’s feelings. 

If your heart line is relatively short, you may have little interest in expressing love. You are someone who expresses their love through actions, not words. If your short heart line has an arc, you may be reserved and shy when it comes to love.

Some other factors to consider:

  • If your heart line splits in two, you may tend to put others before yourself. 
  • If you have a faint heart line, you may be easily pushed around by others.
  • Many breaks or branches on your heart line signify that you may be someone who has short, intense flings.
  • If you have lots of small lines crossing your heart line, you may experience a lot of emotional traumas in your life.
  • Coarse heart lines can indicate you are quite sensual.
  • A line that splits into three at the end in the shape of a trident suggests a great deal of luck in love.
  • A line that is deep and long can indicate you are in tune with your emotions.

The Head Line

The head line is located beneath the heart line and begins beneath the index finger extending across the palm. It represents your mental strengths and stability.

A long, straight line extending across your palm and towards your pinky indicates that you tend to overthink before coming to a decision.

A long line with a big arc suggests you have a lot of creativity. You tend to think outside the box and have a unique approach to given situations.

Alternatively, a short line that ends near the center of your palm suggests that you may make more impulsive decisions and you may have more physical success than mental success. 

If your line diverges into two or there is a circle that appears on your head line, you may have a bad memory or a hard time concentrating for extended periods of time.  

The Life Line

Located under your head line and coming up from the center of your palm is your life line, line of stability, or fate line. This line represents your experiences, vitality, and how you feel about the life you create. 

If your line is broken, you may have gone or will go through traumatic experiences in your life. Each break on your line can correspond to a traumatic event. It can also indicate that you may be hurt physically or be hospitalized for an illness. Having a broken line at the beginning can imply childhood illness. 

A short line that ends near the center of the palm can mean that you tend to keep busy when life gets tough as a way of coping.

Having a long life line that curves around your thumb curving around your thumb and extends down to the base of your line suggests that you may be athletic. 

If you have more than one life line, you may be very enthusiastic about life.
While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to palm reading, it is a great start for beginners wanting to learn more about themselves and this art of divination. Check out our complete beginner’s guide to palm reading to familiarize yourself with elements of the hands and palmistry mounts and plains.

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