A Guide To The Taurus Element Sign, Colors, Stones, and Crystals

A bull looks out on a field grounded in taurus energy.

The second sign in the zodiac, those who fall under the sign of Taurus (April 19 through March 20), are the masters of practicality and stability in all things. If there is any sign you can count on to remain grounded and resistant to change for better or worse, it is the Taurus. The bull brings both beloved traits and infamous ones, and any inquiring partner needs to know they won’t get to pick and choose. The idea of the bull being a dangerous animal that is quick to anger really does a disservice to true Taurus-born. The bulls of the zodiac are neither hazardous nor aggressive, except when they feel a need to protect their loved ones.

Of course, personality traits aren’t the only way to get to know a Taurus. When you understand its element sign, ruling planet, colors, stones, and crystals, you’ll get a deeper dive into what makes a bull tick. 

Taurus Element Sign

A planet rules every zodiac sign, and in the case of Taurus, it’s Venus, the hottest planet in the solar system — it’s also the most similar to planet earth. Astrologers hypothesize that this may be one reason why Venus is linked to human life and relationships. As you may already know, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, so she rules over a bull’s love and relationships of a romantic nature. Even so, Venus does not turn everyone she leads into a hopeless romantic.

The 12 astrological signs are further distilled into the elements of earth, air, water, and fire — three signs per element. Taurus is an earth sign, one of the most sturdy and reliable of the four. 

Advantages of Earth Signs:

  • Loyalty
  • Practicality
  • Discipline and self-control
  • Responsible
  • Hard-working 
  • Faithful

General Disadvantages:

  • Possessive
  • Unforgiving
  • Overly-critical
  • A Know-it-All
  • Tendency to be shy
  • Pessimistic or always expecting the worst 
  • Having an “all work, no play” attitude

Taurus Colors

All of the zodiac signs are associated with colors, too. All shades of blue and (primarily) deep green represent the bull — green is Taurus’ favorite color. Fresh green fortifies Taureans spirit and reinforces its connection to nature and growth. Green also signifies the return of green in the springtime, Taurus’ season. Not only is green grounded in nature, but it also helps bulls feel energized.

Taurus Stones and Crystals 

The Taurus birthstone is the emerald, which has a long history of prosperity, wealth, and regal rulers of the ancient world — the Taurus stone was Cleopatra’s favorite. These qualities align perfectly with the luxuries that make Taureans enjoy the fruits of their labor. While it’s an extravagant stone, it is also deeply connected with the natural gifts provided by Mother Nature. The emerald is considered a good luck charm that encourages people to get in touch with their spiritual side. As one of the undesirable traits of Taurus people is stubbornness, the emerald emboldens them to let go of negativity and find peace. 

While the emerald is the primary birthstone for Taurus, there are also several other crystals and stones that can aid this astrological sign. 


Sharing the Taurus birthstone color, the vibrant swirled green Malachite acts as a guardian of the heart. It balances the mind and helps align the chakras, which reduces stress, and the “know-it-all” attitude Taureans tend to have. 


Agate is a wonderful healing crystal for Tauruses because it gives off soothing vibes that ward off negativity and bring the mind back to a peaceful, rational place. It’s a laid-back stone that has an instantaneous calming effect. 


The Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for releasing the tension that hardworking bulls often feel. It’s also a perfect catalyst for helping Taureans foster their desire for heightened intellect and deeper learning while nurturing their tenacious work ethic. 


Since stubborn bulls get stuck in their ways, the aqueous Aquamarine encourages Tauruses to go against the stream — even if that takes them out of their comfort zone. Eventually, the powerful energy from this stone will help Taureans let go. As Aquamarine has a strong water connection, it can help the wearer wash away toxic feelings, bringing forth optimism and purity. 


The vivacious Carnelian stone helps shy and reserved Tauruses find the courage to find their voice, which allows their true personality to shine through. When confidence is bolstered, so is the sacral chakra. Wearing this gemstone emboldens one to take the lead and overcome their fears. 


The Amethyst intensifies the warmth, happiness, and free-spirited nature that Taureans tend to have — but without crossing any hedonistic lines. On a deeper level, It invites its wearer to strengthen their levels of self-love.


Grounded, secure, loving, and pragmatic — sounds a lot like a Taurus, right? Well, those are words also to describe the dazzling Topaz gemstone, an element of earth. Topaz is said to bring luck and bring manifestations to fruition to all who wear it.


Another favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, legend has it that the Peridot is said to be found in the remnants of falling stars. More realistically, this stunning stone is a natural soother, so it’s perfect for calming a stubborn, bull-headed Taurus. 

Want More Insights Into Taurus Astrology? 

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