What is a Mutable Sign?

A virgo woman thinks deeply about her problems.

While you may have familiarized yourself with your astrological sign, do you know which of the three major categories of the zodiac it belongs to? There’s cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs — the focus of this blog. What does mutable mean? It’s one of the three qualities assigned to a sign. In this case, it signifies changeable. The qualities are one of the key components of astrology, and they represent how each different quality connects with the world. Mutable zodiac signs include Gemini (air sign), Virgo (earth sign), Sagittarius (fire sign), and Pisces, a water sign. Let’s take a deeper divide into the four mutable signs, including their characteristics and role in the zodiac. 

The Four Mutable Zodiac Signs 

As the name suggests, each of the mutable signs mutates itself with its associated element’s traits. For example: 

Gemini: Air

The twins typically have a hard time making decisions. Even so, they absorb ideas and information like a sponge and distribute this intel when necessary. 

Virgo: Earth

The maiden’s mutable sign transforms through the cleansing of the body, atonement, and being a rock for others. Healing is the keyword that sums up the mutable sign of Virgo.

Sagittarius: Fire

A Sag grows by traveling and always learning and seeking knowledge for the greater good. Since they are often exposed to many different people, places, and things, they rely on their intuition to separate fact from fiction. 

Pisces: Water

While a body of water cannot be controlled, a Pisces adjusts to the feelings other others around them — even if that means making a personal sacrifice. They’re known for being adaptable and can offer whatever assistance is needed, whether that’s detailed information, sound advice, mentorship, or sympathy. 

Characteristics of Mutable Signs 

Though all mutable, each sign brings something different to the table. 


Geminis are certainly not wallflowers, but their chatty, social nature is due to their curious minds. Despite loving a good gossip session once in a while, that doesn’t mean that they don’t stay focused on completed multiple projects at once — the twins are doing the work of two people.


Virgos have a lot of patience and a tenacious drive for whatever they put their mind to, so it’s helpful that they are practical and analytical individuals. Extremely goal-driven, Virgos make sure to finish their tasks to the point of 100 percent completion, leaving no loose ends or errors behind.


Sagittarians march to the beat of their own drummer. They’re curious, adventurous, seductive, and dynamic souls. While they love to problem-solve ways to improve a relationship or situation, they’re not afraid to let go of a person or project no longer serving their best interest. They won’t rest on their laurels; moving on is easy for a Sag.


Pisces dream big, but they proactively make even their biggest hopes and visions happen. It’s essential for them to feel a deep connection to their career or project. Otherwise, it falls to the wayside. With that said, they strive to make the world a better place by being compassionate and using their intuition. 

The Role of Mutable Signs In the Zodiac

If you’re one of the four mutable signs, then you’re an excellent person to have around amid a crisis due to your adaptable nature. In fact, you can quickly evolve and understand the changes you’re dealing with while being comfortable with them in any situation. You can travel well with pretty much anyone — even people you don’t know in, say, a tour group setting. You have an innate ability to think on your feet and make a quick decision when needed. 

On the flip side, sometimes mutable signs struggle with their own identity because they always help or adapt to others, constantly changing. Over time, this can feel like a more normal existence — almost otherworldly. 

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