A Guide to Venus Square Neptune

venus square neptune

Understanding your birth chart can give you great insight into your personality traits, relationships, and purpose. Birth charts are complex, and each placement offers a wealth of information. This is also impacted by the alignment of the planets, which shifts every day.

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Do you have Venus square Neptune synastry in your natal chart? Below is a comprehensive guide to help you gain more insight into this transit.

Venus Square Neptune Traits

If you have a natal square between planet Venus and planet Neptune, you tend to be someone who is idealistic and imaginative. You have a strong inner vision for the world you want to see and believe you can create changes beyond your wildest imagination.  

Being a daydream believer, you are someone who indulges in activities that allow you to express your creative side. You may work in the arts, media, or other careers that give you the ability to manifest your visions into the physical. 

Your idealistic nature can get the better of you at times – it is important for you to develop better discernment with regard to what is actually happening in your relationships, rather than the version of reality you have created in your head. At times, you may find that your relationships tear through your fantasies, and this can lead to immense disappointment when the rose-tinted glasses come off. 

Your desire to fulfill your fantasies plays out in the way you dress and carry yourself. Venus square Neptune synastry may spend a lot of money on their appearance as beauty is very important to them. They struggle to live up to their own standards of beauty, so this leads them down the rabbit hole of wanting to improve their physical appearance constantly to boost their self-esteem.

Venus Square Neptune Struggles

Venus square Neptune natal is a hard aspect. While their strengths are their imagination and ability to conjure worlds from their wildest dreams, they struggle deeply with feeling loved and connected to the world. Because they tend to have high expectations brought on by their illustrious imagination, they are often disappointed in love and can have low self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Their insecurity can be overwhelming to others at times. Since they hold themselves at such high standards, they may have a distorted self-image which can lead them down dark paths of materialism, overindulgence in cosmetic surgery, or obsessions with dieting. What’s important for Venus square Neptune is that they learn not to trust the voice inside their head or the image they see before them in the mirror. They should embrace the compliments of others as truths and never base their self-worth on their external image.

Venus square Neptune often perceives themselves as different from others. This can leave them feeling unseen, unheard, and not validated. The hurdle they need to overcome is not to trust their own judgment of how others perceive them. They are extremely warm, loveable, and kind-hearted. 

Venus Square Neptune Natal

When Venus squares Neptune, this energy can put us deep in our feelings. We may be extra sensitive to the opinions of others and feel less confident in ourselves. During this transit, you may not feel very loved. You may even experience disappointments in your love life due to a distorted image of someone else. There is a tendency to over-idealize romantic interests – you may fall head over heels in the potential of someone, rather than observing what’s there.  

A Venus square Neptune transit in astrology distorts our abilities to discern. It is best not to make any rash decisions that alter the way you look or deepen a commitment with a lover at this time. Don’t trust what you see. Trust what is told to you.

Venus Square Neptune Dates

October 26, 2021

July 14, 2022

December 4, 2022

May 4, 2023

January 19, 2024

June 16, 2024

November 9, 2024

August 1, 2025

December 24, 2025

May 22, 2026

Venus Square Neptune Celebrities

John Belushi 0º02′, Earl of St Andrews 0º06′, Belinda Carlisle 0º09′, Cindy Sherman 0º11′, Ewan McGregor 0º15′, Tina Turner 0º15′, Omar Sharif 0º22′, Alan Page 0º23′, Richard Ramirez 0°24′, Marie Antoinette 0º32′, Marguerite Duras 0º27′, Diane Keaton 0º35′, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 0º38′, Nicolas Cage 0º55′, Kim Kardashian 0º58′, Kirsten Dunst 1º00′, Whitney Houston 1º44′, L. Ron Hubbard 1º54′, Josef Mengele 1°57′.
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