King of Spades Meaning

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If you are familiar with tarot cards, you might also know that you can do intuitive readings with playing cards. This form of fortune-telling is known as cartomancy and has been around since the 14th century when traditional card decks appeared in Europe. Cartomancers would look to the cards to give them clarity on a range of questions, seeing them as a powerful tool for divination.

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Each playing card in a 52-card standard deck is rich in meaning and can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the surrounding cards and the question posed by the querent. It can feel overwhelming for new cartomancers to learn all their meanings. If you are needing some extra guidance, below is an in-depth guide to the Ace of Hearts to help you. 

King of Spades Key Facts

Suit: Spades

Upright Meaning: Reason, logic, authority, discipline, 

Reversed Meaning: Irrational, controlling, judgmental, dishonest, dictator

Yes or No: Yes, but observe your boundaries and intentions.

Tarot Card: King of Swords

Star Sign: Gemini

King of Spades Description

The King of Spades is dressed in the finest garb and holding his sword up close to his chest. He appears strong and in control. His gaze is fixed on something that has piqued his interest and he appears to be observing it in great detail.

King of Spades as a Person

The King of Spades is the embodiment of logic and reason. He is fair and just in his relationships with others. At times, he may come across as a little cool and standoffish. He prefers to think before he acts and likes to observe situations before getting involved. The shadow side of this character is he can sometimes use his charm and wit to disarm others and assert dominance. 

King of Spades Love Meaning

In a love reading, the King of Spades could represent you or your partner as someone who is ambitious, logical, and not very romantic. Your relationship may seem to be convenient and make sense for each other rather than be full of romance and excitement. 

In some cases, since the nature of the King of Spades is to control, this card in a relationship reading could indicate that your partner is domineering and you should be mindful of the ways in which they try to control you, especially if they are in charge of finances.

The King of Spades can also signify a relationship with a bad man, even an affair. You may be drawn to this person’s charm and intellect, but you know deep down that they are not good for you. You should be conscious of their intentions and make sure you exercise healthy boundaries with this individual.

King of Spades Career Meaning

In a career reading, the King of Spades can represent an obstacle. It can represent a person in your workplace such as a colleague or even a domineering boss who is trying to take your position or block you from advancing. If you are asking about an existing job, pulling this card could be a sign of encouragement to leave your current workplace as the people around you may not have the best intentions for you.

If you are looking for a new job, the King of Spades is a sign that you may be hired by a large corporation. Likely, this new environment will have a lot of rules and regulations that you will have to follow but the position itself will be secure and fair. 

King of Spades Yes or No

In a reading, the King of Spades means yes. However, you should be conscious of your boundaries when making the decision and make sure that you are operating from pure intentions. This king tends to think more with his head than his heart so, in answer to your question, you should try to take your emotions out of the equation and 
Expand your spiritual practice and develop your intuition with cartomancy. Explore our yes/no playing cards guide to help you better understand how to read individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.elp you better understand how to read individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.

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