Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

sun in aquarius is depicted as a fish

In all of my years as an astrologer, I have never met a couple in which both parties are Aquarius and Aquarius. I have seen Pisces and Pisces, cancer and cancer, and Taurus and Taurus. But I have never met two water bearers who have stuck it out for the long run or even been in a partnership. Now, that does it mean that the pairing can’t work. As a matter of fact, peace two may find that they have a lot in common being that they are the same zodiac sign. If they do not get along, then it is a result of other factors within their zodiac charts that can cause friction between the two of them.

Aquarius is not a lovey-dovey sign. This means that they are not once you overly express their sentiments and to sing their hearts out for all who they have feelings for. In fact, they tend to be a little bit more emotionally withdrawn and aloof when it comes to relationships. If two Aquarians are together, they may not be able to have an intimate relationship that centers around compassion or emotion. The partnership might be focused on community driven activities and endeavors, such as humanitarianism or socializing with groups of other people. These two may not want to spend time alone, as they are so focused on the group and not once you initiate endeavors alone.

Being that both of their traditional planetary rulers are Saturn, that makes her a modern planetary Uranus. This means that they like to build together and they are the glue that holds the relationship assembled. They won’t give up on another person, unless they have to. But, that takes a long time to manifest and happen in reality. They are fixed science so both are willing to stay the course and to give the relationship all that is needed to thrive. Leaving could be a little bit hard for Aquarius and Aquarius to do as they don’t like to approve their roots easily do you to their fixed nature.

This could lead to an emotionally detached persona. And being that they mirror each other in this way it actually may work out to benefit the other. The caveat is that one may crave more intimacy or empathy at times. And, the other be not be able to give it to them. Also, Aquarius is known to run away from situations and to be not confrontational. If a problem exists between the two, then they will sweep it under the rug or just simply avoid talking about it. Ending the relationship will be the first decision that they both make, as they don’t want to deal with arguments or drama.

The good news is that we will be able to satisfy each other sexually, as they both tend to enjoy voyeurism and aren’t extremely physical. This means that they will have a satisfying sexual relationship that can last a long time. Being the fear of both into the same types of turn on‘s means that they will keep the sexual component of the relationship going on longer.

In terms of friendship, this is a pairing that can actually be best buds. Of course, they will have to be able to trust the other, which sometimes is hard for Aquarius to do due to the fact that they often have ulterior motives and projects and energy onto others. However, once you’re able to feel comfortable and confident within the friendship, then it will blossom and sustain itself overtime. We will enjoy creating, protesting, and have a lot of the similar interests that can glue these two together.

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