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Keen’s Favorite Queer and LGBTQ+ Friendly Advisors

These two women are looking on towards the future.

Keen’s Favorite Queer and LGBTQ+ Friendly Advisors

Keen is a spiritual guidance for community for everyone. From our community of thousands of active advisors, we’ve handpicked our favorite LGBTQ+ and queer-friendly advisors in tarot, astrology, psychic readings, and spiritual connection.

If you’re looking for clarity, our advisors are prepared to guide you. If you have questions, these advisors have the answer.

The List

Live the Light
Alison Shine
Ray’s Radiance
Spiritual Loving Angel
Chai Angel
Emma Jean
Divine Divination
Melanie Moore
Psychic Gabrielle
Garrett Windsor
Sukie Willow
Insight from Dancing Petals
Love Advisor Katie
Soul Navigation – Meredith
Mystic Maeve
Violet the LOVE COACH
Whispering Dragonfly
Sade Siryj
Spiritual Black Butterfly
Sabrina Astralpalms

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