Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility


At the surface, Aquarius and Capricorn appear to be a good match due to both being on the low emotional expression end of the spectrum and avoiding the number one source of incompatibility. In this case, looks can be deceiving as the sea-goat and the water-bearer will have quite a lot of trouble trying to make a relationship work. The Aquarius man is somewhat of a free-spirit, floating off in whatever direction his creative or compassionate personality leads him. The Capricorn woman is happily married to her life of strict discipline and routine that typically results in frequent success and guaranteed security. They are unlikely to see eye to eye and the sea-goat needs a partner willing to compromise – as she rarely will. With Aquarius as one of the most uncompromising signs, one can expect a lot of discord and disagreements in a pairing between these two signs. While all hope is not lost, interested parties should be aware that the journey will not be an easy one.

Basic Compatibility

Capricorn women are born leaders and will even take the spot from partners who are also leadership-prone signs. Her responsible behavior defines her and she exercises an admirable level of self-control in all that she does. While she is fiercely independent, her interests and desires come second to things such as tradition and family expectations. Aquarius men are similarly independent but live their lives to help people. Water-bearers have an overwhelming compassionate aspect to them that makes their characteristic emotionally distant behavior surprising. He is mentally driven and enjoys stimulating conversation and offering a shoulder to cry on, but has many shy and quiet moments as well. The endless routines of Capricorn women are seen as boring by the fun-loving Aquarius, and he struggles to find any enjoyment when they are together.

Despite the likelihood to butt heads, Capricorn women and Aquarius men do share a few similarities that can soften apparent conflicts. Most importantly, neither sign is needy which is beneficial as both will run from clingy people and all the sticky emotions they entail. Additionally, both signs are completely honest and never attempt to portray themselves as more than they are. Lastly, Aquarius men and Capricorn women are not oppressive towards their partners and friends. While the sea-goat may lament having a partner who isn’t as responsible as herself, she will never make it a demand or give them extensive grief for the difference. Together, their independence means that a relationship can definitely work, but getting to that point of compatibility will be difficult due to a double-dose of commitment shyness.

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Love And Relationships

The Aquarius man is definitely a people person. Whenever he is not engaged in quiet contemplation, he prefers to be surrounded by interesting and unique people. He is very extroverted at heart, and his many daily interactions help him discover those who are in need of help and ultimately fulfill his true drive. Even though the water-bearer is quite gregarious, he still keeps most friends at an arm’s length as he is aware of his vulnerable, sensitive side hidden to all but the closest loved ones. Capricorn women are the opposite and are most often pretty introverted. Unlike the Aquarius man, she won’t just accept anyone who is interesting as a friend. She has values and expectations that potential companions must meet so it can seem near impossible to get close to her. Her straightforward nature can be pretty abrasive at times, and even condescending when in a particularly poor mood. On a more positive note, if you do make her list as a friend then you can expect a level of loyalty few others can ever hope to match.

In intimate relationships, the level of conflicts can increase significantly. One issue is the extreme differences in sexual appetite. The Capricorn woman is pretty voracious when it comes to sexual matters, and the Aquarius man is not. His lack of consistent passion paired with her anywhere, anytime approach to sex is a recipe for disaster and dissatisfaction. Once the water-bearer is in a loving, long-term relationship, his emotional side is revealed. This can create problems for the Capricorn woman who was used to someone as emotionally distant as her. Emotions lurk behind every one of your conflicts, learning to discuss them is the first step. ¬†Despite both signs being commitment-shy, you can take a breather if the relationship has made it this far. Once the Aquarius man and Capricorn woman commit, they don’t go back on their word and are loyal until the end. At the very least, communication will never be an issue for the pair as they will speak their minds when something is amiss.

Working Together

Capricorn women and Aquarius men should not suffer too badly when working together in the same environment. The sea-goat is extremely ambitious and will tussle with any challengers that come her way. The Aquarius man has very little ambitious drive, but works hard as long as he feels his job is meaningful. He sticks to careers that allow him to help others or at the very least make use of his intellectual and creative ability. Laziness will never be a factor from either of them. Capricorn women excel as managers even if their approach to getting things done is harsh. She is a disciplinarian, and won’t win much love from her underlings, but things will always be completed on time and up to standards. With no true areas of competition, both signs should have drama-free workplace interactions.

The seas are destined to be rough for Aquarius men and Capricorn women but they are not without some redeeming qualities. Patience on the side of the sea-goat and a willingness to extend a hand in compromise from Aquarius can go a long way towards making a relationship work. In the end, it is a series of fundamental differences that end up making this pairing more frustration than jubilation. To those invested with partners of such conflicting signs, clear and direct communication will be the way forward. Capricorn women do not like failure and Aquarius men care immensely about the feelings of their partners so, to them, no relationship is impossible. Work towards your happy ending together and have no regrets about the effort expended.

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