Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility


Any relationship that emerges between an Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is bound to be fun and exciting. Both of these zodiac signs are freedom lovers, with an independent streak that is often incompatible with other signs. Fortunately, in this match it works well, leaving neither side feeling neglected or lonely. According to the Sagittarius woman, rules and boundaries are for the weak, and some are downright meant to be broken. These two are very compatible. The Aquarius man is one who will join, not judge, her fiery spirit as she explores and takes on the world. Discover what makes these two signs ideal for each other by reading more below.

Basic Compatibility

The archer and the water-bearer both are intellectually-driven and adore the same trait in others, which makes for a splendid base to build off of. The Aquarius man is a compassionate humanitarian at heart, though many may never notice it due to the lack of outward signs. Emotional expression is not his strong point, so to detect his feelings you’ll usually need to strike up a conversation. He walks his own path and will never submit to the forcefully imposed will of another, even if resistance means hurting himself. The water-bearer may be relatively uncompromising with his personal values, but due to his appreciation for individuality, he never imposes them on anyone else. He lives to help people, and is extremely friendly to all he comes in contact with. When he is not aiding someone in need, he seeks out adventurous pursuits with friends and great conversation. He is creative, imaginative, upbeat, and always has a great sense of humor.

The Sagittarius woman is the wild child of the zodiac, as untamable as a raging fire, the element her sign belongs to. The archer endlessly craves fun, but appreciates a fair bit of romance as well. She adores a partner that will share in her adventures, but will quickly abandon anyone that is clingy or tries to restrict her. She is 100% honest and will speak her mind without even the slightest bit of sugarcoating. Despite this, she is not malicious in any way and is generous with her time and attention to her myriad of friends. Boring routines are a bane to her energetic spirit, and she tackles challenges and changes with a genuine smile on her face. Pleasing the archer will the require perfect balance between being lovingly attentive, and giving her the space she treasures most. She is bubbly and optimistic, and makes a fantastic partner for Aquarius men as they are also extreme optimists. One overlooked trait of Sagittarius women is their dedication to completing goals they’ve set for themselves. The archer thirsts for these self-imposed challenges and will never give up once she has set her mind to something.

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Love And Relationships

Making and keeping friends is something the Sagittarius woman does very easily. Her kindness and innate generosity leave few uncharmed in her presence. While her fun-loving nature is a magnet for companions who share the same, she genuinely accepts all who seek her out for friendship. The Sagittarius woman is loyal and will gladly help those who need a hand without care for the cost to herself. While she won’t outright abandon boring friends like Gemini, she will certainly give higher priority to those who are interesting and exciting to be around. Aquarius men are also extreme extroverts with friendship coming just as easily, if not more, than for the archer. He tends to avoid overemotional signs as he cannot relate and struggles to give them the support they need or expect. He guards his heart when it comes to close friendships, so don’t expect to easily waltz into his trusted inner circle. The water-bearer is far more independent than the archer and friends or prospective mates will need to respect his desire for time alone.

Intimate relationships between the pair may be hard to achieve, despite being extremely satisfying when it finally happens. Sagittarius longs for a romantic partner and Aquarius is simply not the type, nor will he force himself to play the part. The water-bearer struggles with commitment and surrendering his inner, vulnerable heart to anyone. It will be up to the archer to make the first step to win him over. Both signs value clear, honest, and frequent communication which is a bonus to any relationship. With the imagination of the Aquarius man and the raw, fiery passion of the Sagittarius woman, sex will never be boring or predictable. The archer’s intimate needs are frequently physically intense, but she has the intellectual stimulation that will turn on the water-bearer. The best thing both signs have to offer each other is respect and understanding of the need for freedom and independence. These are mandatory requirements for their happiness that can make or break a relationship.

Working Together

Aquarius men are decent workers, really only giving it their all when their career sates their intellectual or humanitarian drives. Ambition is understandably low for him, but he is not a slacker nor will be divisive at work. He works best alone, but will happily work with a team with no major issues. Sagittarius women are extremely driven at work due to their affinity for setting goals. If no challenge exists for her, she will create one so that she is always dedicated and focused on the task at hand. Hectic and sales-focused environments are excellent for her, as she has the energy and drive to meet the deadlines and sales goals with ease. The archer and the water-bearer can have difficulties working together as he prefers a calmer environment and she thrives in chaos. Beyond those basic differences, there should be no clashes.

The fun-loving Sagittarius woman and the independent Aquarius man have nothing but good times in their future should they mix. The hardest part of any relationship between them will simply be getting it started. The values that mean the most to both signs are either shared or do not conflict, but the love for freedom is the most important. In this pairing, the archer and water-bearer are close and loving without being clingy. It is very likely to simply evolve from a wonderful friendship that has grown over time. If your life is lacking the pizazz and excitement to keep you looking forward to the new day, this is an adventure worth investing in.

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