Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Traits

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Traits

The unique air sign, Aquarius paired with the intense water sign of Scorpio creates a dynamic combination. Your sign represents your core identity and having a sun in Aquarius means you are individualistic, humanitarian, and intelligent. Not to mention, you are quick-witted with a sensitive side that may go unchecked by many.

Your moon sign governs the deeper aspects of your psyche, the parts of yourself that you may tend to keep hidden from others. Having a Scorpio moon means you may hide the intensity of your emotions, especially your drive to actualize your dreams.

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Traits

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon marches to the beat of their own drum. They live by their own set of rules and have little time for conventions. Their Aquarius side means they are independent and original. Coupled with the Scorpio moon, they may be fiercely protective of this side of themselves and determined not to be confined to societal norms.

They are generally well-respected by others because they have good intentions and a strong sense of self.

You may find this person is either working for their own ambitions or trying to make others happy. They may oscillate between the two as the two zodiac signs battle it out to find balance.

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Strengths

Aquarius sun with a moon in Scorpio has the potential to revolutionize the world for the better. They have the tenacity and drive of their Scorpio side which pairs harmoniously with the Aquarius’s hunger to make the world a better place. While they may not always make the best leaders because they can have a hard time relinquishing control, they will offer opinions and can be excellent in group settings because they never ask anyone for something they wouldn’t do themselves. 

The Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon is driven. They have dreams and are extremely determined to achieve those dreams. If something goes wrong, they will quickly shoulder the blame. This humility may surprise others who can see them as arrogant at times.

They are innovative, intuitive souls. Their Scorpio nature makes them quite psychic and coupled with the humanitarian Aquarius energy, they can have a gift for seeing the larger picture of things, and the chutzpah to go act on changes they think need to happen.

Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon individuals would thrive in careers being scientists, sociologists, or politicians. This activates their analytical mind and feeds their practical nature.

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon Struggles

The Aquarius sun Scorpio moon personality can be a lot to digest. They are either loved by the people they meet or feared. Either way, they tend to always be respected because they have a deep respect for themselves that demands it.  

They can be bull-headed: This zodiac combination can have a hard time being told no. They can insist on getting their way too much and this can be to their detriment. You may find an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon is a sore loser. They carry a lot of pride and intense emotions, so when things don’t go their way, look out!

Their determination can deter others: People who encounter an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon may feel unheard in their presence. The zodiac combination can isolate others by wanting things done their way and they may be the ones on a group project to insist on how things are done and then go ahead and do it themselves.

They can be hurried: It can be overwhelming being in their presence if you don’t match their ambition. They may become harsh if they sense you are not in line with their goals, leaving you to feel pushed to their will. 

They can be angry and intolerant: Watch out! These guys can have a temper. Since they can be so rigid in their beliefs, they may lash out if you don’t agree.

They are too rebellious for their own good: This can lead them to have a hard time with authority. They don’t like being told what to do so when faced with restrictions, they can have a hard time adhering to the rules.

They can take themselves too seriously: They may have a hard time seeing the light side of life. Laughing may be something they do less than other zodiac pairings as they see the world as a serious place in need of fixing.

When it comes to finding a partner for them, an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon desperately needs someone who will remind them to relax, kick back and laugh. They need a light youthful energy that can come from a Sagittarius, Pisces, or Gemini placement. Someone who takes pride in their appearance, has a good head on their shoulders, but a soft, non-judgmental streak will respect this individual’s desire to change the world but at the same time, remind them to rejoice in it. Their soulmate may have the Piscean elements of idealism and the Sagittarius elements of free-spiritedness. 

Learn to embrace the journey as a reflection of your own betterment – Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon. When you channel your hunger to make the world a better place into yourself, you will find the peace you seek.

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