Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas By Astrological Sun Sign

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Mother’s Day is May 14th, and I don’t know about you, but I’m always racking my brain to get/do something fun for my mom. I’ve often bought birthday presents for people based on their astrological Sun sign, but for some reason, I never thought of that for Mother’s Day. But of course! It’s a perfect way to choose a gift or activity that will speak to the essence—the Sun—of who she is.

Sun in Aries

This is my mama’s sign, and classic Aries that she is, she loves to work out and hike. So, I bought her a pass to a nearby National Park. She’s going to love it! Other Aries moms might like a sassy new workout top, a book about women explorers, or a picnic/walk/hike with you.

Sun in Taurus

These moms are easy to buy for because they love yummy treats and goodies that appeal to their senses. So the classic box o’chocolates would work, especially if you hand select gourmet truffles from a primo chocolatier (think lavender with fig, sea salt and rum, etc). She would also love a silk eye pillow filled with lavender, a gift card for a massage, or an elaborate picnic.

Sun in Gemini

Take this mom out to a film festival—choosing the documentary with a lecture after—and then keep her out late with a funny chick flick plus dessert and coffee after. Or try a trip to the museum followed by a food cart dinner and a stand-up comedy show.

Sun in Cancer

Of all the moms, this one would so love the traditional breakfast in bed. If you live nearby, get over to the house early and bring your iPod with sweet ambient music, flowers, and the fixings for a nurturing breakfast. Hang out and eat with her, and be sure to appreciate all the things you love about her. If you live farther away, arrange for a meal delivery service to surprise her (get dad in on the plan). Or, send her a diffuser and an essential oil blend for nurturing—something Cancer loves.

Sun in Leo

Take your lion mama out for a surprise brunch with the whole family or her dearest friends. Make sure you pick up a playful tiara for her to wear and get little gifts that speak to her favorite things—fancy food items, a luxe pair of earrings, or some outre nail polish. Just make sure she has some spotlight time to feel honored and acknowledged for what a great mom she is. If you are really daring, make it a karaoke party!

Sun in Virgo

Your Virgo mom might be more reserved, but she will love a bottle of her favorite perfume or a gift basket full of delightful treats that speak to her favorite activities. My friend gave her Virgo mom a basket of boutique cleaning supplies, organic sponges, etc—I know, crazy, right?—but she loved it because she’s a clean freak. All Virgos have something they are really into, so find the classiest, most beautiful items in that category and make her a luxe goodie bag.

Sun in Libra

Pamper your Libra mom on this day because chances are she’s always looking out for others. What is something she’d never do for herself? Can you make that happen? Also, Libras love yummy environments—like Taurus—so a trip to the art museum, a visit to a historic mansion, or a beautiful piece of clothing will charm her aesthetic sensibility

Sun in Scorpio

Take her to get a psychic reading! I’m serious—even just for fun, go and get palms or cards read. Or, the ghost tour of your local old town is another great mom-date to give her on Mother’s Day. If she’s the kind of mom you share everything with, gift her with some spicy lingerie or a daring new perfume.

Sun in Sagittarius

Choose a couple interesting travel books, philosophical classics, or a spiritually focused read. Wrap them in some sweet batik fabrics, pack a picnic lunch, and take her up to the mountains or out to the sea. Spending the day talking with you in nature is the best gift for her, and she’ll treasure the books for months to come—especially if you want to discuss them with her. Can’t be there in person? Send the books in the mail and make a list of your favorite documentaries for her to watch. 

Sun in Capricorn

This mom will totally appreciate an elegant fountain pen, the perfect leather cover for her Kindle, or a fine bottle of wine. You can also honor her with hand-selected fancy chocolates, or choose an elegant teapot and tins of classic teas. Elegance, quality, and tradition are all part of the Cap Sun ethic, so keep that in mind when preparing your gift. 

Sun in Aquarius

Your water-bearer mom is probably kinda quirky. Is there something that’s been fascinating you lately that you’d love to share with her? An avant-garde film festival? Dance performance? A modern twist on Hamlet? She’s keen to understand new worlds, so ways to actively explore make great gifts. Possibly she’s a Star Trek fan, in which case an action figure wouldn’t go amiss. If she’s deep into humanitarian causes, a donation in her name and breakfast at the new vegan cafe may be a perfect fit.

Sun in Pisces

This super sweet mama will love the gift of a beautiful art book or one of seascapes. Or introduce her to your favorite poets with a couple volumes of verse. How about her own little iPod filled with delicious, ambient music to dream to? Lovely journals, a poetry workshop, or a book on how to create great photos on her phone are all great choices for this mom. Speak to her creativity and dream world, and you won’t go wrong.

Our moms are so special; they brought us into this world after all! The greatest gifts of all are, of course, your care, time, presence, and love. But let my list get you started thinking about Mother’s Day tributes in a new, astrologically inspired way!

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Zada is a Boston-based intuitive and spiritual blogger, Yogi, and dog mom to two Cocker Spaniels, Demi and Bruce. She specializes in Tarot and Reiki, and uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals reach enlightenment and lead their most authentic lives every day through meditation, visualization, and Jivamukti. Her spirit animal is a Pegasus named Randy.
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