How Do I Find A Psychic Best Suited for Me and My Situation?

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Whether you’re new to psychic readings or not, there are always some best practices to keep in mind when searching for the right intuitive advisor. Aside from keeping in mind the various psychic abilities that a reader possesses or topics they may specialize in, it’s just as important to do your due diligence, so you don’t waste your time and money throughout the process of your search. 

Finding the right psychic is similar to choosing the right doctor or the right therapist. Not only do their skills and background matter, but so does the chemistry you have with your psychic. Without the proper connection, communication will falter, and you may not receive the full breadth of information and insight you were initially seeking. To make sure you’re getting the most value for your money, here’s a checklist to ensure you find a psychic best suited for you. 

Understand Your Needs

Before finding the right psychic, take some time to think about exactly why you seek psychic advice in the first place. Be clear with your intention and think about the outcome you’re looking for. Are you setting goals and want help along the way? Are you looking for ways to heal from past hurt? Is there a relationship you’d like to improve? Whatever the reason, focus on what you want to learn so you can use your reading as a tool to help you achieve it.

Set Realistic Expectations

Before finding a psychic advisor, understand that psychics are nearly nothing like how the media and popular culture portrays them. Psychic ability is much like having a strong intuition, but with variations in how information is perceived. We’re all intuitive in some way, but some have honed that skill more than others. Understand that a psychic connects to energy and receives information to help you understand the how’s and why’s along your journey.

Do Your Research 

You don’t need to go to a storefront for a psychic reading anymore. These days, you can find a psychic who works via internet chat or email and phone calls. However, make sure you choose an advisor who offers the type of reading you need and that you have the right technology to access the session, recordings, downloads, etc. That’s why psychic marketplaces like Keen are so useful in helping you connect to a perfect psychic. You can search for skills, specialties, psychics that speak specific languages, and provide service at any price point you seek. Customers that use Keen can also leave feedback after their readings, allowing you to read others’ experiences and see if they may be the right psychic for you.

Know What Modalities You’re Interested In 

When it comes to choosing a psychic, the first element to consider is their skillset. Psychics have many ways of accessing information to guide you. You may find some more comfortable, interesting, or engaging than others. Here’s a shortlist:

• Divination tools: Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Palmistry, Crystals

• Modalities: Past Life reading, Energy work

• Working with other beings: Spirit guides, Channelling, Mediumship, Angels

Use these methods of working as a guide. For example, if you aren’t interested in angels, it doesn’t make sense to choose an angel practitioner, even if you like them as a person. The psychic will focus on angels’ language and imagery and how you can incorporate angels into your life — not too useful if this turns you off! Likewise, if you don’t believe in past lives, don’t pick a psychic specializing in clearing past life blocks and karma. Your belief in the process is essential. Most psychics employ a variety of techniques, so find one that resonates with you.

Preferred Reading Format 

Are you looking for a one-off session or a package of sessions to help you reach a particular goal? Do you want just to jump in when you feel like it, with the freedom to talk for as long or as little as you like? Understanding how your psychic works is the key to getting your needs met. On Keen, you can jump in and access readers whenever they are available to chat. Other psychics work by appointment only and may not offer one-off sessions. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong.

Personality Traits

Psychics are like any other business person — they market themselves in a specific way. Don’t underestimate how important personality is in building the trust you need. And, though this is entirely out of the psychic’s control, if you are mainly going to be working with them on the phone, and their voice drives you nuts, moving forward is going to be challenging.

Your Investment

Finally, be aware of what you are willing to pay. On Keen, you will be paying by the minute. Other psychics charge per session, by the hour, or for a package. You are responsible for sticking to your budget, not the psychic. Be clear going in how much time you can afford, and set your limits to focus on the content of the reading rather than the clock ticking by.

Relationship Building

Developing a relationship with a psychic can be a fantastic addition to your support community. I have clients I’ve seen for years, through ups and downs, and we have warm friendships while still retaining professional boundaries. You can tap into hidden aspects of yourself, your relationships, and your life purpose by teaming up with a skilled intuitive. Clients often say that our sessions seem magical — and they are!

Finding a psychic advisor is an enjoyable experience, but even more so when you two finally connect. Discover your perfect advisor on Keen today!

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