Cancer Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Cancer Man Libra Woman

At its core, a relationship between a Cancer man and a Libra woman will be as carefully fine-tuned as a brand new sports car. Both these signs begin every relationship emotionally guarded, hiding their true selves in the mist and behind a hard shell. With neither partner prone to rushing things, the end result is a powerful relationship that cools the fears and worries so common with the water and air signs. It takes a delicate hand to balance the scales of a Libra woman without prompting vicious rebellion, and a Cancer man is well-equipped for this task, making the two remarkably compatible. The intricacies of this pair, however, are far below the surface. Before taking the plunge, it would be helpful to understand the base traits, drives, and desires of these two signs.

Basic Compatibility

Simplistically, Libra women are driven by balance and fairness regardless of what emotions are involved. They have no trouble bypassing their own feelings all to sate their desire for justice. On the flip side, Cancer men are extremely emotionally driven and near incapable of voting against their sensibilities. The drives of a Cancer man are for safety, stability, and caring for their loved ones. They will be swift to avoid any bitter confrontation, symbolically burying themselves in the sand. Even though the crab is a slave to emotions, Libra’s inborn desire for justice and fairness are no trouble at all. It is her lack of emotional stability that can cause serious issues within the relationship. While Cancer, in general, is known for its moodiness, often it is the other partner that is counted on for balancing this factor out. Sadly, even the queen of balance herself cannot end her moodiness for the sake of this much-needed balance.

Cancer men and Libra women both loathe being alone; they thrive in love as long as it is true. While Cancerian men are almost always seeking a long-term relationship, Libras go where their desires take them. If they desire short term and non-committal passion, then it will be to the exclusion of everything else and vice versa when they desire a lasting relationship. The good news is a Libra woman will always be upfront about what she seeks when dating; after all, it is only fair, and fairness is what she is about. Cancer and Libra are a safe pairing – neither side wants to make waves, both cherish peace and quiet, and absolutely love cooperation.

Love And Relationships

The pairing of the crab and scales is extremely easygoing. While it may not be the perfect match, you can generally expect no major upsets. Libra women and Cancer men are gentle spirits who love many of the same things. Hard-focused on quality, a Libra woman will not be disappointed with her Cancer man. Libras value commitment intensely and rank it high in importance. Cancerian men are ideal for women who desire a faithful partner and a family man. When it comes to commitment, no sign on earth beats out Cancer. Libra women love being loved and cherished, and this attention will never be in short supply in this pairing.


The biggest barrier to a successful relationship between a male Cancer and female Libra is indecisiveness. Libras are notorious for not being able to make up their minds whenever justice isn’t involved and Cancers do not take the initiative. While this isn’t a big deal with a more dominant sign, Cancer is driven to please and make others happy more than anything else. With no goal to quest after to prove his undying love, he may feel directionless and unneeded, leading to his emotional state quickly unraveling. When ignoring feelings, it is easy for a Libra to wound a Cancer, even if unintentionally. Her decisions, when eventually made, are often absolute and uncompromising. For a man who is not known to fight to get what he wants, he will be hard-pressed to convince her to see reason. Communication will be their biggest benefit to keeping any friendship or intimate relationship healthy. He will need to step up into more of a leading role, and she will need to take his emotions into consideration before decisions.

With neither side being gung-ho about taking charge, sex lives may be uneventful. Cancer men are passionate, ultra-romantic partners that live for the sensual and emotional side of making love. However, that side of him is unlikely to show when he doesn’t know what his partner desires due to his innate insecurity. Libra women are very similar in bed, seeking to please and respond as opposed to leading. Naturally, such a dependent combination can cause issues, but as both sides are cooperative, they simply need to talk it out. When both partners work up enough confidence to express their sexual creativity and break from the mold, the bedroom becomes a whole new world of satisfying adventure.

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Working Together

Libra women and Cancer men are exactly the types of people you would want as bosses and co-workers. Both signs absolutely thrive working in a team environment and will always give a hand to those in need. Cancer men are more likely to be manipulated and overworked but Libras consider every request carefully with regard to fairness and won’t allow themselves, or their employees, to be shafted. Neither side has time for gossip, although being the target of workplace gossip can be hurtful to both. At their worst, female Libras can hold grudges for a long time and the performance of male Cancers may suffer under repeated harsh criticism. In most cases, working with these two signs will be smooth sailing for all involved.

In a nutshell, relationships between a Libra woman and Cancer man are safe, committed, and drama-free. A generally passive sign, Libra only truly gets going when she senses injustice, and her loyal Cancer man will be right beside her to support her. Both signs can’t bear the weight of insults, heavy criticism, and hurtful words. As kind and gracious people, there is little worry about these issues rocking the boat. There will be challenges that need to be addressed, and someone will need to take a position of leadership. However, after that is done, there is nothing but smooth sailing for the crab and scales.

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