Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility


Sagittarius women live for excitement, freedom, and frankly, never take a pit stop for very long. Cancer men crave true and deep emotional connection, and he simply won’t let the love of his life out of his claws. Cancer men and Sagittarius women who strive for a close-knit compatibility with each other may find the journey not worth the intense struggle. The potential for clinginess is a primary source of grief for the pair, but even if it can be remedied, other problems lurk. On a more reassuring note, the positives of the relationship will only grow stronger as time goes on and neither sign is too stubborn for progress. While the Cancerian man may have little to offer her in the way of traits, he can surprisingly gain so much from her direct, no-holds-barred nature. In truth, no mountain is too big to climb for the truly devoted, and a bit of insight into your partner’s star sign can help make the journey easier, no matter how perilous it appears.

Basic Compatibility

The Sagittarius woman is wild, energetic, and as impossible to tame as nearly every other fire sign. Her fiery side also comes with the stereotypical passionate nature and spontaneity that drives her fun and adventurous spirit. While she looks to the world to sate her need for excitement, male Cancers look to their interpersonal relationships. Cancer men are deeply devoted and attached individuals that are at their happiest when secure and with their loved ones. They are family men at heart, endlessly loyal as partners, and would much rather stay in for a romantic evening then go off seeking their thrills elsewhere. While both signs seem hopelessly opposed, bear in mind that opposites build strengths in areas that would be otherwise neglected. Additionally, both Cancer men and Sagittarius women are optimists and determined to fight for the things they truly desire.

One significant problem area between the two is that Sagittarius is very forward and unrestricted, while Cancer is hypersensitive and guarded. If the archer sees something wrong, she will speak her feelings bluntly without tiptoeing around his, which can result in a very hurt crab. Cancer men are more likely to suppress their thoughts and feelings if they think they may hurt their partner, which can result in some moodiness and lashing out over time. The archer welcomes change with open arms, loving the sudden challenge it can present. The crab, on the other hand, prefers the comfortable safety and security of an established routine. On the plus side, both Cancer and Sagittarius have a fantastic sense of humor and flourish with loving, attentive partners. So while perfect compatibility may be rare from the get-go, it can be easily achieved with time and attentiveness to the desires of their partner.

Love And Relationships

Forging friendships is a breeze for the archer woman, as she is fun to be around, outgoing and kind. She takes no pleasure in those who are boring and routine, and she doesn’t require people to possess a specific set of values or traits in order to befriend her. The Cancer man is very careful with his friendships, letting those interested slowly ascend the ladder to his trust and make it beyond his defensive barriers. That said, he is a wonderfully loyal friend who will never let people down. Favored by those who have a tough life, he always has a listening ear and shoulder to cry on to offer and is truly empathetic. If the crab can pass the archer’s boredom test, their friendship will likely endure the test of time as neither of them is prone to breaking bonds.

Love is where the Cancer man rules as emotions are what drives every decision he makes. He is romantic but often won’t make the first move due to underlying insecurities. Luckily the Sagittarius woman delights in making the first move and has no problem questing after what she desires. Her passion and intensity aimed at him during intimate encounters is everything his heart yearns for. She may be more prone to experimentation than her very vanilla Cancer man, but it will cause no rifts when he trusts her and knows her emotions aren’t superficial. The two compliment one another well with regards to daily marital life and arguments are likely to be few and far between due to their generous and supportive natures. It will be extremely important for the Cancer man to verbally communicate his needs to his Sagittarius partner. She wants him happy but is neither a mind reader nor as skilled at reading his emotional state as he is hers.

Working Together

Sagittarius women don’t do things for the glory or riches; they do it for the challenge. They love having to give work their all and don’t care whether they have to work alone or in groups. With archer women, there is simply no time or desire to butt heads. As long as there is a goal to be completed, expect her full attention and devotion to the task, especially in a hectic occupation. Cancer men are extremely helpful, and a great addition to any team project. Whether a boss or a coworker, the crab shows off his hardworking nature. Provided the Cancerian man is not admonished harshly for a mistake, he will put forth his best effort. Sadly, he is likely to be manipulated due to his endless generosity and willingness to help those who ask. Being dependable is important to him, so he makes it a point to finish what he starts every time. Together in the workplace, Sagittarius women and Cancer men function smoothly together with no major upsets.

Sagittarius women and Cancer men may have an uphill battle at first meeting, but the path will clear with time and effort. Both the archer and the crab are deeply optimistic and amicable, which goes a long way towards any lasting friendship or relationship. With one half of the mix tenaciously steadfast and the other living to conquer a challenge, is it really worth passing up the chance for something great? So don’t ignore the opportunity for happiness due to a few compatibility hiccups because even though your star sign may frame your path, it is still your choice how you walk on it.

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