Aquarius Man Aries Woman Compatibility


There’s no denying the compatibility between Aquarius and Aries. Because your signs complement each other, the odds are already stacked in your favor. If the water-bearer and the lady ram can use their similarities to bring out the best in each other, there is a real shot at a lifetime partnership.

When Air Meets Fire

Aquarius is ruled by air, so he’s all about setting things in motion with new and creative ideas. He’s extremely intelligent, even considered eccentric at times, but that’s part of his appeal. Conversations with him are always interesting, and everyone loves his fresh outlook.

Aquarius also enjoys interactions with those who appreciate his quirky curiosity. His progressive level of thinking puts him above the rest, and he seeks people who share the same mental prowess. Attraction for Aquarius is as much intellectual as it is physical.

Lucky for him, Aries is fire sign, and is always full of passion. Her zest for life goes hand in hand with his need to explore the world, seeking knowledge without limitations. Because she’s a natural leader, she will gladly take charge when it’s time to plan the next big adventure.

With the strength of a headstrong ram, Aries never backs down when faced with a problem. She’s quick to tackle any obstacle that comes her way, and will use her endless imagination to triumph in difficult situations. She’s also a natural when it comes to playful banter, and is a welcome adversary when Aquarius wants to flex his mind.

When a Spark Becomes a Flame

As friends, there is hardly a dull moment between Aquarius and Aries. They truly enjoy learning from one another, and he’s adventurous enough to handle her high energy. When she needs life advice, he will take time to listen and offer solutions. Because of his analytical energy, he offers valuable perspective.

At work, Aquarius and Aries are all about collaboration and putting plans into action. He’s a true visionary, and her encouragement and leadership will bring his ideas to life. If Aries can control her domineering energy, the two will make a great team.

In any form of platonic relationship, there is always a safe distance between these two.

They are both extremely independent, and can exist without the other. But, if Aquarius wants to take his relationship with Aries to new heights, he will come in like a strong gust of wind, sweeping her off her feet.

Their interactions will quickly move to bedroom, and he will cause her fire to burn even stronger. She likes to take charge, but never to the point where he can’t have his way. Both are always up for trying something new, and she isn’t one to turn down his requests to experiment.

Because these two are aroused by the mind, words and role play have the tendency to dominate their time between the sheets. They can’t stand boredom, so it’s only natural for them to keep things steamy. He’s prone to fantasies, and she’s confident enough to act them out.

Can They Keep the Fire Burning?

Despite their sexual chemistry, their egos can get the best of them. Although Aquarius values intellectual conversation, he does not like to compromise. He has a certain threshold for those who dare challenge his thoughts and ideals, and this is where the trouble comes in.

Aries has an inherent desire to be the best at everything. She’s also argumentative and has no problem speaking her mind. She needs to come out on top, but she won’t get there if Aquarius refuses to let her win.

When tensions arise, it doesn’t help that he is as temperamental as she is stubborn. He is fast in building brick walls, and can become extremely aloof. This behavior becomes a problem for Aries, who needs to see emotion from her partner.

Her confrontational nature will want answers. She’s the boss, and she believes strong that he needs to explain himself. But the more she demands to know what he is feeling or thinking, the more he can retreat into a cold, distant shell.

For this pair to last, it is important for Aries to remember that the detached nature of Aquarius doesn’t mean he’s heartless. She needs to understand that his distance isn’t meant to keep her away. This is just the Aquarius way of avoiding conflict. He is true believer of peace, but Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war.

At the end of the day, fire still needs air to burn. And when air is warmed by fire – like in a hot air balloon – it rises as far as the eye can see. When Aquarius and Aries learn to celebrate their similarities and respect their differences, the can definitely soar to impressive heights.  

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