Aquarius Man Gemini Woman Compatibility


Aquarius men and Gemini women present a wonderful match and give credence to the saying; you can never have too much of a good thing. These two intellectual powerhouses are fervently gregarious, eliminating the balancing act often needed when you have introverted friends or partners. Gemini charm sucks anyone in, and few can pass up the genuine friendliness and compassion of an Aquarius. Together the Gemini woman and Aquarius man feel like they can talk about anything, so why not start with your potential for a future together? All signs point to an exciting and joy-filled relationship no matter the type, so let us discover what makes these two signs so ideal for each other.

Basic Compatibility

Aquarius men and Gemini women have very high compatibility, typically second only to their true astrological match. The Aquarius sign is one that tends to shy away from becoming too wrapped up in emotions. This ultimately meshes well with Gemini who simply is lacking in that department, as opposed to actively choosing to dodge it. Many are surprised about how emotionally distant the Aquarius man can be when he is overwhelmingly compassionate and humanitarian in nature. For the male water-bearer, helping people is his dominant drive, he just avoids all the sticky, emotional softness that usually comes along with it. His mental strength is where he shines, as a highly creative and imaginative individual. Most importantly, his character thrives off of freedom and will seek it no matter the cost. He makes his own rules and will sooner break a heart than settle for stifling restrictions.

Gemini women are also renown for their intellectual capabilities, as well as their true love for good conversation. The twins represent contradictory conflicts that can occur with mood changes, the process of self-discovery or just plain randomly. For example, she may not be big on emotional attachment and clinginess but then will have phases of extreme neediness when life is not going her way. Like Aquarius, Gemini love excitement and new experiences. With a serious aversion to being alone, she will frankly settle for anything as long as she is not bored. Endless routines and boredom are the two things that will send Gemini women and Aquarius men packing, leading to their much-hated stereotype of constantly fleeing commitment. On the plus side, between the both of them, they do not have a mean bone in their bodies. They love to talk, socialize, explore and experience the world without feeling tied down by obsessive or oppressive partners. By all accounts, they are alike in enough ways to be perfect for each other.

Love And Relationships

Friendships are plentiful for the Aquarius man as he delights in meeting new people no matter the type. He is extremely extroverted and just doesn’t quite feel like himself when he is alone with no one to share ideas and experiences with. He may have a horde of friends, but few are very close as deep inside he has a sensitive heart and hides this vulnerability. His constant desire to help people out earns him the love and respect of everyone. Gemini women are also magnets for friends, delighting in having someone to talk to for every hour of the day. She has a unique charm that draws people in, and she rewards those who understand her best with close friendships. Together the pair is likely to have a powerful and long-lasting friendship as they exemplify everything that the other party desires.

Of course, relationships are not all sunshine and roses as there are areas where the pair can struggle. With the flurry of free-spiritedness going on, when one party does ultimately desire confirmed commitment it may be hard to achieve. The inquiring party will usually be Gemini, who hates being alone and single whereas Aquarius men simply dislike being lonely. Aquarius men are also distinctly uncompromising, and it can clash with Gemini who is willing and able to adapt to anything life throws at her. Her fluidly changing moods can drive him away as they are not one of the “new experiences” he signed up for. Lastly, the lack of a partner who is more on the emotional spectrum brings little opportunity for growth or the reward of gradually easing out your partner’s affectionate side. It may, of course, be personal preference for some couples, but many enjoy a steadily growing emotional bond.

In intimate relationships, the Aquarius man is always sure to present himself “As is” and has no time for dishonesty. Gemini women are straightforward and honest as well, but sadly the problem is she is honest about her feelings for the current moment. Her inherent mutable quality means she will likely change and there may not be any rhyme or reason to it. Luckily, both signs excel at communication, and are upfront and open about their thoughts and beliefs, often without any type of filter. The most rewarding part of their union is neither sign has to worry that commitment is the end of freedom. Gemini and Aquarius hate being restrained and would never force their partner into a restrictive lifestyle. While the sex life of the pair is unlikely to be drenched in passion, rest assured it will never get boring. With their joint loathing for repetition and the imaginative mind of an Aquarius man, sexual intimacy will hold all the excitement that only this match could truly appreciate.

Working Together

So long as the choice of career makes full use of their intellectual capabilities and interests, Gemini women and Aquarius men usually excel. Neither sign is lazy, but ambitious drives tend to remain on the low side. Working side by side is efficient but don’t expect either party to step up for leadership. As in most respects, these two signs are so similar that the likelihood of conflict is nearly nonexistent. They will readily exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions to common problems whether requested or not. Overall they are each an asset to any team project and workplace while still being fantastic workers individually.

Gemini women who are in search of a friend or soul mate who shares their interests and values can easily find the answer in an Aquarius man. Arguably the two most intelligent zodiac signs, they won’t need to worry about finding a conversation partner who can relate on an intellectual level. There are no plans, and they take life as it comes in all its spontaneous beauty. You may not discover the secret of life anytime soon, but once you meet your charming Gemini woman or Aquarius man you will be satisfied just having a partner for the journey.

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