Cancer Man Virgo Woman Compatibility


Relationships involving Cancer men with Virgo women are a risky mix of logic versus emotion that can end up either frustrating or fulfilling. For a Virgo woman, it is very easy to get lost analyzing their seemingly stark differences and promptly blaming them for any upset. Cancers of any gender frequently assume the practical and logical signs are dead inside and devoid of feelings simply because they don’t ride the same emotional roller coaster. In truth, Cancerian men can greatly benefit from an injection of rationality into their lives. A Virgo woman who learns to let go, and that there is no danger in revealing emotions, can often significantly reduce her incidences of hurtful self-criticism. The key to maintaining an agreeable balance between these two signs is to focus on the positives and where the strengths of one balance out the weaknesses of the other.

Basic Compatibility

At his base, the crab thirsts for stability in all things but his treasured emotions. Virgo women can provide that much-needed stability as it is built into her nature as a practical earth sign. They also share the same positive attitude toward work, though the virgin desires things to be far more orderly. The natural progression for a Virgo woman in either an intimate or platonic relationship includes soothing her anxiety and worry enough that she ultimately opens up to expressing herself. Sadly, the unstable nature of the crab keeps her on her toes, and she views his natural insecurity detrimental to tack on to her own. For the male Cancer who wears his heart on his sleeve, he suffers in relationships with a guarded and unreadable partner. His end goal in any relationship is safety, freedom of expression, and everlasting loyalty that matches his own.

Cancer is really the best man to get the virgin to feel safe and trusting. His emotions are pure and true; this makes him easy to analyze and allows his Virgo partner to see that not all vulnerabilities are detrimental. The emotional needs of Cancers mean they are dedicated to family, friends, and soulmates. As losing someone they’ve invested so many emotions and trust in is soul-crushing, it is not a decision ever taken lightly. Virgo women struggle immensely to feel worthy of love or even lovable at all. Cancer’s affectionate and passionate disposition soothes her worries in all the right ways, and it is never fake. A Cancer man needs to feel needed while a Virgo woman needs to feel loved. Much like a difficult puzzle, beyond the the initial view of an intimidating mess, you will find the pieces all fit together smoothly and compatibility is easily achieved.

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Love And Relationships

A Cancer man is readily friendly with those around them, revealing his overly trusting nature that often gets him into trouble. Making friends is easy as long as they are tolerant and accepting of his emotional character. A Virgo woman is always more guarded regardless of the relationship. She needs a friend or partner who seeks her out and makes her feel valued. She shares the same vulnerabilities as her crab lover, but while he will risk all for a chance at happiness, she is simply not willing to take that chance. As such, the virgin will need ample time to soften up, and it will only get harder if she has had failed relationships in the past. Luckily, the loyalty of the crab is dependable, and he will work patiently and tirelessly if he truly believes she is the one for him.

In intimate relationships, many signs find Cancer too needy or overly clingy. These traits are beneficial in a pairing with a Virgo, as they fulfill her innate requirement to be loved and wanted. They have a shared dedication to family that keeps them close to home, unlike the wandering or party-loving personalities of other signs. With Cancer, passion and romance are never far away, but frustration can occur if it begins to feel one-sided. Virgo women are as practical as they come and she appreciates her hard-working Cancer mate who helps provide for the family. Neither sign is interested in wasting their love and life on an endless cycle of casual relationships. They are always in it for the long haul and are truly against being alone.

For sexual matters, the crab will have to take the lead, allowing his steady romance to encourage the virgin to let go. Like in other areas, she is often very guarded sexually and will respond negatively when forced into things she doesn’t feel ready for. Luckily for her, Cancer men are more interested in the emotional connection sex offers as opposed to novel sexual adventures for the sake of experiences. Intimate moments are one of the few times Virgo abandons her rational mind and need for order, and it will be her Cancer mate’s goal to get her to that state and allow her to enjoy the moment as much as possible. There will always be ups and downs in this pairing, but there is little reason to fear long-term issues if they have the determination and patience to work it out.

Working Together

Cancerian men and Virgo women are hard workers who tend to adapt well to any working environment. While the virgin can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, she more than makes up for the minor annoyance with pristine organizational skills and problem-solving abilities. The Cancer man is very helpful and performs well in both a team environment and alone. Virgo women excel with solo tasks, where there is no one to become frustrated by her criticism besides herself. There is a chance of problems when a Cancer has to work hand in hand with a Virgo as her harshness can destroy his will to try. Either way, expect no slacking from the pair who value the sweat of their brow.

At first glance, Cancer men and Virgo women may seem like the poorest of matches. Look closely, however, and you will realize they each possess what the other sign needs: rationality and self-control for Cancer, comfortable self-expression and a willingness to be vulnerable for Virgo. It may take a considerable amount of work to get all the kinks out of a friendship or long-term relationship for this match, but it is far from impossible. Their end goals are ultimately the same and they have a lot of enduring love, loyalty, and values they share. For Virgo women, this is one crab you do not want to throw back.

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