As some of you may know, next Wednesday is the new moon the perfect time for new chances, goal setting and fresh starts. To celebrate this new beginning, Keen wants to give YOU $10 Keen Dollars! All you have to do is Tweet or Instagram your answer to the following question using the hashtag #NewMoonNewMe.


Question: What is one wish, goal, or intention you have for your future?


Post your answer to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #NewMoonNewMe and you will receive $10 Keen Dollars! That’s right, EVERY participant gets $10 Keen Dollars! All you have to do is post your answer on Twitter or Instagram and make sure you include “#NewMoonNewMe.” Not only will this be a fun activity for us to do together, it’s also a great chance for us to connect on social media!


That being said, to make sure we see your post, you can also follow and tag us on Twitter (@KeenPsychic) and Instagram (@KeenPsychics). We follow back all our advisors!


All entries must be posted by Thursday, 9/21.


Happy New Moon from Team Keen!