Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

Capricorn and aquarius compatibility

The zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius have an interesting relationship to each other. First of all, they are aligned next to each other in the sky. First comes Capricorn season and then Aquarius season. Being that they follow each other, they have a reverence that means they will always get along and be friends. The caveat is that it may be hard for Aquarius to fully feel comfortable in the presence of Capricorn, while Capricorn will rely on Aquarius to help boost their confidence. Capricorn might be shady and do things behind the back of her fellow Aquarius friend which will confuse the water bearer and make them unsure of how to proceed in the relationship. Being that the traditional ruler of both of you signs is Saturn, they have a friendship unlike no other. 

Capricorn represents the part of Saturn that is all about structure and work ethic. In order to attain greatness, one must put their best foot forward and do all that’s needed to be number one. Now, as you and everyone know, times change. Therefore, Aquarius represents the part of Saturn which is all about evolution in time and how structures evolve and blossom. Aquarius also is ruled by the revolutionary planet Uranus, which is considered to be a modern astrological entity. So, Aquarius has this sort of transformational and unique quality to it which Capricorn does not. 

When these two zodiac signs get together, they will be fast friends due to the fact that they have a similar outlook on life. They view life as an experience in which one must give all of their energy towards working upwards to attaining a goal. They also like to play hard, since they give all of their energy towards making sure they are being successful in their profession. 

Competitiveness may be their only downfall, as Capricorn strives to be number one and Aquarius has a hard time allowing others to move past them. Although Aquarius has energy that thrives in the community, they secretly get jealous when people supersede them and move beyond them. Both zodiac signs need to be number one. And, will make snide comments behind the other ones back in their desire to get that status. 

As lovers, both zodiac signs can have a lasting relationship. But, they still require Capricorns to give Aquarius their freedom. Letting Aquarius do as they please may be extremely hard for a Capricorn, as they like to know everything that goes on in their partner’s lives. Also, Aquarius has a free love personality Will bring out insecurities and Capricorn who prefers structure in relationships. They are more apt to be monogamous and Aquarius, who may once you incorporate polyamory or have an open relationship. Finding a balance that works between the two may be hard, if they are unable to find a common ground in love.

Aquarius may be a little bit see you aloof for a Capricorn when it comes to expressing their emotions, which may not satisfy a friendship or romance. Capricorn likes to work hard towards understanding another person, which could be difficult for Aquarius who doesn’t really like to give love a lot of energy. Plus, their sexual desires may be a little bit different because Aquarius is a vouyer, while Capricorn is more hands-on and likes to feel things on a physical level. 

No relationship will work, due to the fact that Capricorn and Aquarius or what we called the “colder” signs because they are winter energies. They definitely do not give a lot of passion and heat to others, which is why they may decide to come together and unite for the long-haul. Capricorn is a little harsher and the way they express themselves, while Aquarius is aloof and cold. Being that Aquarius is distant emotionally, they will be able to handle the quips and comments that come from Capricorn’s statements. Therefore, it’s a match that can work. 

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