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The yellow aura is one that is brimming with energy, intelligence, and an unwavering desire to seek out all things fun. Considered one of the most joyful auras, Yellows have a mood that is nearly impossible to bring down. Even when the rare sensitivity of a Yellow is triggered, expect no real grudges as life is truly too short not to be having fun. Yellow aura individuals typically benefit from above average intelligence and a level of creativity that shines through in every task they take on. Left with no direction, Yellows will often gladly take up the reins as spirited leaders surging towards their goals. The extreme positive aspects of the yellow aura are balanced out by the few, but emotionally impactful, negatives. Discovering the ins and outs of your aura can keep you on your true path as a joyful, free spirit.

Personality Traits for Yellow Auras

Despite the raw, creative energy surging through them, Yellows are often relaxed as long as they are having fun. Their perpetually childish nature is balanced by the fact that, when focused, they can often mentally run circles around the average person. While they cherish friendships as much as most people, they do not need to be in the company of others to be happy. Picture an artist who remains home alone for weeks, dedicated to perfecting his newest masterpiece, and you may well have discovered a Yellow. Yellows are truly free-spirits, flowing from one interesting experience to another in a pattern that never seems to weaken.

As true inventors and innovators, the yellow aura is behind many who have devised ways to make life easier and happier for others. Those with a yellow aura often work hard to infuse the joy they feel in everyday life, into those around them. They have a love for life, nature, and the earth itself, and are ever on the lookout for ways to help and heal. The natural intelligence of Yellows often tempers their thrill-seeking, keeping them away from destructive or dangerous highs. Instead, that energy remains funneled in the creative process. Those with the aura are adventurous and thrive off of physical activity and an innate happiness that can never be dampened for long.

However, the yellow aura is not without its negatives. The high intelligence can lead them to seek out the same in others, to the exclusion of everyone else including loyal friends. In times of stress, wit can turn sarcastic which can be emotionally hurtful to more sensitive people. The yellow aura is not a distinctly emotional one. Thus, it can be difficult for Yellows to offer long-term emotional support in situations when they would have recovered within a day. Perfectionist drives can lead to extreme self-criticism and even impact others who don’t meet their high standards. If outlets for creativity are stifled, mental health can suffer greatly including bouts of depression. It is also possible for Yellows to tunnel vision on their goal and become withdrawn from everyone or everything else.

Friendship and Love with Yellows

To honestly describe friendship with a Yellow in a single phrase, it would be: opposites do not attract. In friendships, the yellow aura bonds well with those who share their same traits. If the potential friend has a playful personality, loves nature, really shines in creativity, or shares the stereotypical higher intelligence, friendships can then blossom into something wonderful and enduring. One need not exhibit all the traits as even one or two of these is enough for the ever easy-going Yellow. Those who harbor pessimistic outlooks or are frequently down will draw out the burning desire to help that the yellow aura provides. However, like a battery, once drained of positive energy from repeated exposure to emotional lows, a stressed out Yellow may well move on.

In relationships, it is always important to understand that those with a yellow aura use their head first before using their hearts. While they are no less passionate, loyal, and loving than many other auras, they are not prone to making sudden decisions based on lust. To win the heart of a Yellow, you must first win their mind by fostering their interest and forming a true connection on every level, even spiritual. Far beyond a physical level, this complete bond is built to last, truly unlikely to waver as you become their partner for life in their adventures, discoveries, and creations.

Working With Yellows

The workplace for the yellow aura individual can either be a place of true inspiration or frustration, which can then bleed over into coworker relationships. In an ideal work environment, that supports ingenuity or rewards logical thought, Yellows truly excel in every meaning of the word. For those in less rewarding careers, it can become stifling and cause high stress. As a boss, those with a yellow aura may impose their need for perfection and going beyond the realm of what is necessary on those positioned beneath them.


Yellows view most things with potential and rarely as they are, which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on who experiences it. Overall, you can expect hard work out of a Yellow co-worker at all times, even to the point of self-sacrifice. While they are endlessly fun and playful, they know when to settle down and put their talents to work. Their natural abilities make them excel as leaders and entrepreneurs but they are unlikely to flourish when in occupations that treat them as just another cog in the machine. 


Keen Editorial Staff
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