Capricorn Man Cancer Woman Compatibility


The zodiac is filled with surprises and, to many, the fact that a Capricorn man and Cancer woman are highly compatible karmic love partners is one of the greatest surprises of them all. From an outsider’s perspective, a sign that is so heavily built on emotion like Cancer would seem entirely mismatched with a more serious, aloof, sign such as Capricorn. Oddly enough, this pairing is balanced in the sense each partner makes up for the weaknesses of the other. There are clear similarities where they matter – such as a love for family, a high degree of loyalty, and true devotion. Any friendship or relationship between the two can hold so much promise, even if it takes quite a while to get going. So, if you find yourself flocking to the arms of a Capricorn man or Cancer woman despite an array of differences, bear in mind there is always a reason and, in this case, it is in your favor.

Basic Compatibility

One of the most basic drives for both Capricorn men and Cancer women is the drive to have security. For the sea-goat, this manifests as a need to be financially secure in all the typical earth sign ways. He desires a loving and stable home, a career he can count on, and anything he can look back on and say, my hard work and responsibility achieved this. For the Cancer woman, her security needs are emotional. She needs to know she is loved, is free to express her feelings without judgment, and has a loyal partner who has the same appreciation for family as she does. Capricorn men are often shy and quiet but can read people and their emotions with ease when displayed as prominently as a Cancer does. This is helpful as the crab truly desires wordless recognition of her feelings, as opposed to more talkative signs asking questions constantly.

Despite the standoffish nature of the sea-goat, he is actually extremely supportive and helpful to all his friends and loved ones. His supportiveness pairs well with that of the Cancer woman, who is one of the most supportive signs of the zodiac. The Cancer woman is tenacious and passionate about goals whenever she settles on one; the trouble is getting there with her high degree of insecurity. The Capricorn man makes decisions with ease after some thought, suffers no insecurity, and is the true king of self-discipline and responsibility. In any bond, the crab will soften up the sea-goat emotionally and recreationally as time goes on. In turn, his confidence and dedication will rub off on her and impress her greatly. Hiccups will occur, but fights are not usually too bitter. It is the neediness of the Cancer that can cause many problems for the independent Capricorn who desires space and calmness. The Cancer woman may feel neglected with Capricorn’s focus on material security, and she will need reassurance that his focus on the home is also a focus on their life together.

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Love And Relationships

Cancer women are just a bit introverted, but you should not be surprised by their long list of friends. The level of empathy and care they offer to friends means they are never short on people who adore them or seek to manipulate them. With her love for emotional involvement and the home, bonds tend to be strong as they are built on her support in testing times as opposed to being fun to hang out with. She is generally accepting of anyone as friends, which frequently leads to less than noble individuals taking advantage of her. Despite her willing friendliness, Cancer women often want family approval before taking friends and potential mates to the next step of deeper trusting bonds. Capricorn men are reserved in both finding and keeping friends. Unlike the crab, he has stiff expectations for his friends, typically involving morality or being a “good person.” Provided a friend meets these expectations, he is endlessly loyal and devoted. Violate his trust, however, and you will see the unforgiving nature of the sea-goat in full.

Intimate relationships bring out true growth and understanding for the Cancer woman and Capricorn man. Both signs are prone to holding onto their best until they are absolutely sure they are with their soulmate. The crab will be pleasantly surprised by how emotionally involved the sea-goat is willing to be once his heart is given to her in full. The sea-goat benefits from a relationship where he can lead without challenge and share his carefully guarded inner emotions to someone who both understands and won’t think less of him for it. The Capricorn man‘s sex drive is a powerful, yet passionate part of him that must be satisfied on both a physical and emotional level. For the Cancer woman, it is again refreshing to be led and loved so strongly, banishing her insecurities away without a sacrificial tradeoff. The relationship between them only goes up from here and is very often successful once reaching this point.

Working Together

Capricorn men can be workaholics and devote themselves extensively to reaching personal and professional goals. This drive comes before anyone and anything else, including sensitive coworkers such as a Cancer woman. Cancer women are hardworking when their occupation matches what is important to them. Careers built around caring for others brings out a zeal for work that can rival a Capricorn. She gladly works well in a team environment while he thrives best when set to tasks alone. Between the two, clashes can occur and result in hurt feeling as Capricorn men can be condescending in workplace disputes. With two different working and interaction styles, they are not the best pair in the workplace, but it is the crab who will suffer the most.

The Capricorn man and Cancer woman can make an unusually great match even though they are polar opposites in many ways. Both signs share a level of loyalty and dedication to their loved ones that only grows stronger as time goes on. By fitting together like pieces in a puzzle, they both stand strong and ready to survive the test of time. There may be struggles at the start, but the crab, and especially the sea-goat do not give up on what their hearts desire. Whether interested in simply a friendship or something deeper, there is little reason to pass up the chance at a bond this strong and fulfilling.

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