Libra Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


When it comes to romance, Libra and Taurus are kindred spirits. They are both ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, and their shared values will point them in the same direction. True to their romantic natures, they won’t forget to celebrate the little things even when they’ve been together for a long time.

Although there is no question about the kindness and tenderness that will come out of a Taurus woman and Libra man partnership, you must ask if they have what it takes to make it through the hard times. If you take Venus out of the equation, Libra men and Taurus women function in very different ways. And, in this case, is love enough to conquer all?

Getting to Know the Libra Man

First and foremost, a Libra man strives for fairness and balance. He will always strive to see both sides of the story. This makes Libra an excellent listener, and he will never take major life decisions lightly. People love coming to him for advice.

A desire for balance also means that Libra will stay away from conflict as much as possible. He prefers to cooperate and will do what it takes to find middle ground. On the surface, this is a good thing. But what happens when Libra lies to keep the peace? He has been known to justify wrongdoings with good intentions.

A Libra man is also a very careful planner, but must stick to his decisions. He often goes back and forth just to make sure he is making the perfect choice. But is there really such an absolute? Does his definition of perfect exist? Thinking with too much logic has been known to kill his spontaneity.

What is a Taurus Woman Like?

Taurus women seek serenity just as much as Libra men do. They are a great match in this sense and he is drawn to her calm and gentle demeanor. Laid back for the most part, it will take a lot for the female bull to lose her temper.

Ironically, there is nothing that irks a Taurus woman more than indecision. She believes that strength is found through character and she does not settle for the sake of finding and keeping a relationship. She knows that she deserves better than someone who has trouble making up his mind.

Yes, she does consider any situation before jumping in. But, once the decision is made, a Taurus woman will stick to it as much as possible. This also applies to her relationships, and you can expect fidelity and a constant determination to make things work.  

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Love Against all Odds?

For the most part, a Libra man and Taurus woman pairing has what it takes to make it long term – and their relationship gets even better when intimacy is involved. Expect intense passion and romance. There will be caressing and sensual slow buildups. They will express their undying affection between the sheets. They will revel in scattered rose petals and oils and candles. Music will hypnotize. With Venus as their ruler, lovemaking will always be of heavenly proportions.  

But when it comes to sustaining their relationship beyond the bedroom, how do these two handle conflict? Taurus has a stronger personality than Libra, and the female bull must be careful not to take advantage of this.

The quest to find that perfect relationship – and to keep it – can cause Libra men to accept unfair compromises. Yes, keeping the peace matters, but this can’t be good for Libra in the long run, especially when he knows deep inside that the scales are not equal. When there is a lack of justice, it will become a real problem, even if he doesn’t express it in the beginning.

And that Taurus temper? It rarely comes out, given her patience and determination to keep an even keel. But, Libra must not take this for granted, because she can attack like a raging bull when provoked. And when she does, she must think twice about her outbursts.    

Taurus women must remember that Libra hates conflict, and he will stay away, sometimes indefinitely. Will he see you slam doors and hear you scream? And if so, will he accept you for the good and bad? This will weigh on a Libra man, who always seems to think in absolutes. If he decides that someone isn’t perfect after all, he will find reasons to leave and balance the scales once again.

If this happens, a Taurus woman will rely on her quiet strength to move on. Despite all the romance that a Libra man can offer, she will want a strong and stable partner who can to handle all aspects of her personality. For Libra and Taurus, how to find love in each other really isn’t an issue. This comes easy, and they will see this from the very beginning. The real question? Will love alone be enough to beat all odds?

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