Capricorn Man Leo Woman Compatibility


The Capricorn man and Leo woman make an interesting, albeit potentially difficult, match. The lioness may incidentally share a few of the same traits as her sea-goat partner, but they are not where her passion lies. For example, the Leo woman is devoted to being admired and to being top dog in everything possible, including career. On the other hand, the Capricorn man is absolutely dedicated to working hard, achieving his goals, and remaining responsible and disciplined. Their individual paths may cross in the midst of hard work on the job, but they do not see eye to eye on the future. The feline queen craves luxury and loyal subjects while the Capricorn man values little but the sweat of his own brow. Finding enduring love and compatibility between the two is not impossible, but a Capricorn man and Leo woman must be prepared to work hard at finding a middle ground between their many opposing views.

Basic Compatibility

Capricorn men are fiercely goal-driven at every point in their lives. The end goal and its accompanying success are far less important than the struggle for them, so they simply form new goals once current ones are achieved. He loves to lead and will seize the opportunity whenever it is available. One of his more definitive character traits is strict self-discipline that no other zodiac signs come close to. He doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts and views people who achieved greatness with anything other than skill and hard work as undeserving. Financial security is important and he is the exact opposite of the lavish big-spending nature of the Leo. Even though every Capricorn is unique, take note that his fire element can bring along a mix of positive and negative traits, including: impulsiveness, bravery, aggressiveness, raw ambition, vitality, and passion. Of his opposing traits with Leo, his love for being alone and independent can be the most frustrating as Leo needs companionship and friendship in excess.

The Leo woman takes center stage in life and will accept nothing else. While she can sometimes be a bit dramatic, it is hard not to be sucked in by her overwhelmingly charming, friendly, and generous personality. Attention and admiration power her like a battery and her explosively optimistic personality can shift to arrogance and stubbornness when things aren’t as she prefers. A big difference between her and the Capricorn man is he is grounded in reality, and she would prefer not to be if reality lacks the bells, whistles, and excitement of where she’d rather be. The Lioness is humorous and playful while the sea-goat remains serious and focused on work. Make no mistake, she is a very hard worker but always leaves time to spoil herself in luxury and comfort. Their joint cravings for leadership can cause them to butt heads pretty regularly, but the Leo woman will be the first to submit if she can find other ways to stand out.

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Love And Relationships

While not at all shy, Capricorn men are certainly introverted and reserved in most social situations. He secretly enjoys having recognizable status, but would never brag or draw attention to himself as a Leo would. He is kind and friendly when approached, but if you are seeking a friendship with him, you must meet his long list of moral views and expectations. He has a distinct respect for effort by others, so working hard for his friendship or his love is both appreciated and adored. Should you meet his expectations, expect an extremely loyal friend whose self-discipline and responsible view will never let him fail to be supportive or dependable. The Leo woman is extremely social and always out to impress her friends both new and old. Compliments and adoration are mandatory for her ego, an integral part of any Leo’s life. In all fairness, she earns her friendship with compassion, humor, generosity and most of all a charming personality. Even when she is acting entirely self-centered, few find room or reason to complain due to all the other positives. Honesty and integrity are where both Capricorn men and Leo women line up, these morals are overwhelmingly important to both of them and will not be sullied.

When a Capricorn man and Leo woman have reached the point of an intimate relationship, take heart as this means they have likely been able to successfully work through several compromises by now. The ability to communicate effectively and resist the urge to be stubborn will be key here to making a loving relationship both enjoyable and enduring. A passionate sex life is integral to the satisfaction of both signs and fortunately, neither disappoints here. Capricorn’s highly sexual nature meshes perfectly with Leo’s energetic and passionately romantic sexuality. The Leo woman’s desire to be adventurous and outgoing can cause some resentment issues if her Capricorn mate continues to only focus on work and home. She is happiest when doing all with a companion, even if he is not nearly as invested in the activity as her for it is his presence that counts. Overall, the signs are good if they make it this far as the Capricorn has a variety of roadblocks that must be navigated before he even considers giving his heart to someone.

Working Together

Capricorn men and Leo women may clash in the workplace when it comes to leadership. Both signs are natural leaders and will attempt to gain this position even though they seek it for wildly different reasons. Leo women may have trouble staying out of workplace drama and intrigue but will usually complete everything asked of them in a timely manner with no complaints. Capricorn men have no time for slacking off, drama, or focus on anything other than the assigned task. Energetic occupations are easy for them both and they take the challenge head on and smiling. When forced to work together in a team. it will be a coin toss as to the outcome. Either their mutual opposition will drive them to greatness as they seek to top the other, or endless bickering and discord will slow all progress.

The Capricorn man and Leo woman are at odds in nearly every category, except dedication to their desires and values such as honesty and integrity. All of these will play an integral part if any relationship between them is to succeed. This relationship is not ideal for people seeking smooth waters, or a partner constantly pinned to their side. With two powerful and determined signs, much can be accomplished when a beautiful life, love, and happiness are the true end goals. So look before you leap if this pairing catches your eye. For those who are already in it, stay focused and you just may have found your soulmate.

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