Capricorn Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Capricorn men and Libra women are certainly up for the challenge of finding compatibility and having a relationship together, but the potential for prolonged conflict often leads these two signs to avoid each other. The inherent independence of the Capricorn man will always be at odds with Libra’s desires and dependency for a partner. Libra women value balance and know how important it is to a healthy relationship, but Capricorn men can consider maintaining a balanced life useless and arbitrary if it interferes with their goals. On a positive note, both the scales and the sea-goat are extremely dutiful workers and Libra’s zeal for cooperation makes achieving joint goals easy. So, is there any hope for an indecisive social butterfly and an ever-responsible loner finding satisfying love or friendship? Yes, but it will take work. Libra women and Capricorn men truly balance themselves out in all the important ways and, if they are able to realize it, their relationship can easily withstand the test of time.

Basic Compatibility

Capricorn men, like all earth signs, value the sweat of their brow and take a hard and practical view of life. He takes pride in his self-discipline and ability to simply ignore the more enticing aspects of life if it means achieving his goals. Having personal and professional goals is one of the more important aspects of his life, but there is no party once a goal’s been completed. Instead, he fires up the next, continually pushing himself to greatness, not necessarily for ego’s sake, but for the stability, security, and respect that comes with success. Confrontation makes him stronger, so he will never shy away from a challenge no matter how brutal. His loyalty to his friends, family, and loved ones is absolute – and he expects the same in return. One mistake and you can easily find yourself on his bad side due to a proneness of being unforgiving. A Capricorn man is extremely confident in all that he does and makes no decisions lightly. His tendency to be a loner and somewhat emotionally distant can be a real letdown for partners who need large amounts of emotional involvement.

Libra women are known as the queens of balance, but if there were one other single descriptor for them it would be “social”. This sign’s happiness is almost directly intertwined with her vibrant social life and relationships. Libras often don’t ever feel complete until they have found their life partners; therefore, they don’t bother wasting time with short-term or pointless relationships. She keeps her life fine-tuned, balancing any hard work with an equal amount of enjoyable relaxation and recreation. In direct contrast to a Capricorn loner, she is really at a loss when lonely. On top of it all, Libra women lean toward passiveness, running from confrontation and surrendering to avoid any fighting. It is only in the face of clear injustice that she will rise to a protective and assertive state. Like the Capricorn, she can also be unforgiving – but in a more passive way. While he will be upfront about it, she may simply hold a grudge in the background and even deny it when it is suspected. Libra women are also excellent at cooperation and working things out. Finding fair compromises is her forte and allows her to withstand most relationship mismatches.

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Love And Relationships

It goes without saying that, when it comes to making friends, Libra women truly shine. Her outright kindness and gregarious nature often leave people fighting for a spot on her list of friends. They adore her and she is utterly devoted to them, assisting with whatever problem arises. Despite her passive nature, she doesn’t allow herself to be manipulated and expects everyone to be willing to help themselves before she steps in to join. A Libra will either be in the arms of her lover or in the company of friends, as everything else is just not that interesting. Capricorn men are most likely to be homebodies who tend to dedicate the large majority of their lives to strict routines. An introvert at heart, he doesn’t have a large number of friends and it is rare for someone to win the position of treasured close friend. While he is not above recreation with friends, he will almost always choose a chance at self-improvement over a moment’s respite.

If an intimate relationship is reached for the sea-goat and the scales, things will generally already be in place. The Capricorn man will doubtlessly have taken the position of leadership and the Libra woman will be grateful not to have the pressure of making decisions. Boundaries and expectations will be the greatest worry here as arguments over clinginess, emotional distance, and intimate needs are frequent focal points. Capricorn men love sex, and often find their biggest connections to their partner in the bedroom. Libra women also enjoy sex, but they have a real need for romance and intimacy both before and after. Capricorn men aren’t known for being romantic but, should his Libra partner express its importance, he will make it a goal of his to please. Communication will always be their greatest strength simply because Libra women are great at communicating needs and the Capricorn man is great at making them important enough to himself to achieve.

Working Together

Capricorn men were born for the workplace, particularly in any areas where strong leadership is needed. He will excel as a supervisor due to his high level of responsibility and ability to get others to follow his lead. He may not be the most friendly boss but, from a business perspective, he will always get the job done. The sea-goat is extremely ambitious and slacking off of any sort is practically unheard of. He has no tendency toward drama and works well with any partner, even if he must pull their weight. Libra women are the most cooperative members of the zodiac, and it shows in the workplace. She will tirelessly help those around her and fits well into any team. As a leader when forced to be one, she is fair but not strict, and is generally beloved by her employees. Due to a shared appreciation for hard work, the chances of her fighting with a Capricorn man work partner is nearly nonexistent.

Capricorn men and Libra women have a tough, but obtainable, future ahead of them if seeking a close friendship or relationship. While they may butt heads in several areas, their stark differences ensure that all the needs of the relationship are covered. One of the biggest challenges will be that of bonding, as Libra would gladly spend every waking hour in her lover’s arms and Capricorn prefers freedom and space. Communication that is honest and upfront can help you determine if the pairing is worth attempting, or will likely just result in heartbreak. Fruitful talks and compromising can save the day and get you well on your way to a successful relationship.

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