It’s Your Time to Bloom!

by Keen Psychic: Lady Astra

Change starts with this moment in time. Your spiritual growth into a self-confident person begins with the ability to allow and accept change. This leads to confidence as your true beauty within your spirit blossoms and becomes positive change in your life. How many times have you felt stuck, not seeing anything but the darkness around you, and felt buried and overwhelmed?  Let’s consider what it takes to blossom into the beautiful spirit you know you are meant to be.

Just like a flower bulb, you already have everything inside of you to make change happen, even if you may not feel beautiful or desirable. You feel as if you will never be the person you know you can be or even where to start. This is where you start to grow!

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Consider the tulip, a beautiful graceful flower that is appreciated by everyone. How are you like that tulip? The bulb may not seem pretty but it contains everything it needs to become that beautiful graceful flower. So do you!

Sometimes we feel like we are buried in the dark with only conflicts and emptiness surrounding us. We don’t see any hope or light, nor feel the warmth of anything positive in our life. Yet we must believe in our ability to grow, blossom and transform.

Believe that out of the darkness, our growth of self and reaching up in faith will make life change for the positive. Our roots anchor us solidly in the ground, and as we grow upward towards the warming sun and the light of a new dawn, we are blossoming into a beautiful flower. A life complete with the graceful ability to flex, as the winds of change blow but do not break us. Like the tulip, you too can be what you know you are inside.

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So, let’s look at the steps you will take to become the person you want to see in the mirror.

1.     Remember what you see today is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning.

2.     Just as the warming of the earth starts with Spring, you can begin your journey to becoming everything you can be.

3.     Life and personal growth is a series of baby steps going forward. Stop looking backwards or you may stumble and get disheartened.

4.     Set a goal for yourself and remember you are moving forward in steps. This is a journey, and isn’t meant to be an instant change.

5.     Don’t forget to give yourself credit for your progress. Many times we give up just before we reach our destination.

6.     One failure doesn’t mean you are a failure, it only means you need to adjust your plan.

7.     Relationships, jobs, every ending contains the promise to move forward on life’s journey.

8.     A change does not mean ‘it’s over’; change should be considered the next step on your journey to your goal.

9.     Never give up!

10.  Never let go of your dream, you can do it.

And just as that tulip blooms and is admired for its grace and beauty, remember it took many steps to achieve the end. So, start growing where you are today! You’ve got this!


About the Author:

Born with the gift of sight and healing, Lady Astra is a retired minister, nurse, mother and grandmother with over 50 years working as a seer and psychic. She has spent her life helping others grow and be their best. I am frequently asked when I discovered my abilities, the truth is I don’t know because it has always been a part of me.

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