Ask, Answer, and Allow: The Secret to Year-Round Success

by Keen Psychic: Majestic Insights

Springtime makes it easy to see the beauty and wonder of nature’s cycles. We have many cycles that affect our daily lives. Some are inside and expressed outwardly: mental, physical, chemical, emotional and habitual cycles are of this type. You can manage how these are expressed. The other type is outside our personal space. Examples are planetary, environmental, social, spiritual, and the cycles of others. Your reactions are in your power.  In knowing, accepting and managing your own cycles, and your reactions to others, you can optimize your bloom with ease.

There is a three-step process that can bring ease into your cycles, and create a year-round bloom. Full bloom is actually as simple as Ask/ Answer/ Allow. It is knowing how to apply this process in your unique way that bears fruit.

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Asking is tricky! Energetically, everything we are currently experiencing we have asked for, whether we know it or not! Realize you are asking. Remember the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”. This is where being positive is so effective. Our beliefs and energies create the reality we bring to fruition. An example of this is people with “bad luck” who believe, speak and act as if they are unlucky, and always attract crazy happenings, supposedly out of control. Personally, I make a point to always be safe. I believe, speak and act as if I am safe and create safety around me, all ways, no matter what!

Once a client shared her frustration at how long it took her to pray and protect the whole planet every morning. It took an hour! I suggested she get to the point and to give thanks that the planet is safe, and to visualize it as so. This new perspective now takes her two minutes!

Asking is best when it is intentional. You can practice by asking for an ideal parking spot, a free swimming pool, or anything off-the-cuff, and it will show up. Why do we have trouble getting our perfect love, job, or ideals that are dear to us? Doubt is the hangup. When we doubt or worry, whatever we ask for gets deleted. So we create a cycle of asking, not believing then deleting, because we are too focused on controlling the outcomes.

The secret is to trust. We ask with intention, then we trust. Trust is simpler than it sounds. It is as simple as telling the server that you want a burger and waiting for her to bring it. In planting seeds in the dirt, giving water and light, we trust that they will sprout. We don’t dig them up every day to check, because we trust nature’s cycles. We trust that asking will create answers. You are asking: let us see answers.

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Answer equals witness. Witness is important because it brings the fruits into our world. In your daily life and cycles, it’s important to own your part in the process. If you ask for a parking space, the witness is the space itself. If you ask for a relative to be well or a partner to change, you may not get a response, as you cannot interfere with the will of others. However, if you send or ask for a healing, or for truth or an intention to be sent to another, the answer could be a feeling of relief or a message from a guide. The answers can be an animal lesson or might arrive through circumstance. It takes practice to see answers. It takes awareness, but you can do it!

Interpreting the answers requires the next step which is to allow. Allow the changes and clues that come as answers. Allow gets tricky when we don’t accept. If you ask for a new school district and get an animal in your path, it can be hard to decipher. If you allow the answer to be a clue, and look up the lesson of the animal, you might be amazed.

To keep following the leads and adventure of the answers, you will bloom brighter than if you micromanage outcomes. Accept others and their choices. Allow the change in circumstances to bring in the newness with the season. Apply the simplicity of Ask/Answer/Allow in your unique way to all cycles in your world. This will bring in reward from all areas of your life creating habitual cycles of success.


About the Author:

Karey (Majestic Insights) is a psychic medium, relationship coach and teacher specializing in awareness and probabilities. Her approach is honest, empowering and effective at quickly honing into situations, energies and intent. Many years of helping people find their personal truth, through a soul perspective, equips her with many tools and tips.

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