Mars-Ketu Exact Conjunction & Saturn Aspect

by Psychic Advisor: AstroDevi

Please note: My assessments are based on Vedic Astrology using the Sidereal System and Chaldean Numerology, which is in alignment with Indian Numerology. 

Mars-Ketu Exact Conjunction & Saturn Aspect at 8 degrees is on September 22nd, 2018! This is an important date you must keep in mind because it’s very possible that something difficult or life changing will take place. As you see, the planets will be at 8 degrees. In Chaldean Numerology, 8 is ruled by Saturn, a karmic number, also the infinity sign sideways, which lends to repetition and patterns. The number 22 is a double Moon Day ruled by Rahu, 4 (because 2+2=4). This says that we may be fooled by some illusion, and your fears might become a reality. I say this because 22 is the number of dreams, fears, and illusions that reside secretly in your thoughts and imaginations. When ruled by Rahu 4, it is the head of the dragon. Rahu is very ambitious, but it’s also considered a malefic planet for its ability to be consumed by illusions, drive, and power.

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Mars represents action, life force, war, fire, weapons, blood, ambition, and is the commander in chief. Ketu is the South Node of the Moon and is the headless dragon or serpent. Ketu represents spirituality, liberation, helplessness, doubt, explosive-force, injury, death, detachment, psychic abilities, and wisdom. Saturn rules the old structure, boundaries, order, discipline, fear, phobias, oppression, worry, longevity, endurance, and stability. Mars and Ketu (in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra in Capricorn) will cross paths at 8 degrees. This is the moment when the scissors (Mars & Ketu) cut the ribbon (Saturn); and at this exact moment, Saturn (in Mula nakshatra in Sagittarius) will expect both of them at 8 degrees on September 22, 2018. This conjunction and aspect will signify some loss, detachment, or ending, and bring permanent change. Remember, we also had a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn over the summer; therefore, the house that Capricorn resides in will experience the most change and events. However, this doesn’t mean you should overlook Sagittarius. This house will also experience an impact.

I repeat: This is a CAUTIONARY time for everyone around the world, even in the days leading up to and after the 22nd. Those of you who have a natal planet at 8 degrees in any house will also experience an effect in that house. Be sure to check your natal chart!

For those of you in commercial or residential real estate, expect price drops. There will be a correction in the stock market. This is beneficial to buyers and investors. This will also be a money-making time for insurance companies, estate lawyers, and employment agencies.

What positivity will take place? With said transits in place, everyone around the world will be touched in some way that is so powerful that it will raise the vibrations of love all around the world. This will transform and elevate our vibrations and clear and strengthen our heart chakras. Our understanding of love will change. This year so far has provided profound experiences teaching us all about love and relationships and it will continue to do so.

Last but not least, we have the Fall Equinox landing on September 22, 2018 as well. Fall initiates the change of seasons. The leaves on trees change colors and fall. This can be symbolic of loss or of letting go; most importantly, this is indicative of transformation. Like the seasons, we too will shed skin or let something go, transforming us and elevating our spirituality and consciousness with the power of love.

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About the Author:

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