Expect the Unexpected with Uranus in Aries

by Psychic Draven Grey

This article is Part 8 of Draven Grey’s written series “What to Expect Astrologically for the rest of 2018,” which outlines all you need to know about major astrological events, positions, and movements coming up from September 2018 through the end of the fall. Click here to check out the rest of the series!

Uranus forces us to expect that which is unexpected. When in retrograde, these changes can be a little easier to manage, which makes some of the other elements of what is occurring astrologically a bit less daunting to contend with. Group settings are able to find a strengthened resolve for success during the retrograde motion of Uranus, especially because of the various personalities within a group that could influence other elements of it in what could only be deemed in an unexpected way. In the Tarot, this card is represented by the Fool, and represents the consciousness that began with the first person, expanding itself throughout society and culture. It’s resolve is to constantly move forward, and so when in retrograde, it is able to diminish its position.

Uranus’ influence is the epitome of “expect the unexpected.” Regardless of the direction of Uranus’ transit, we must navigate the sudden changes that get thrown out. Some of us thrive on routine and consistency, and when Uranus has game, we feel like we’re thrown into a proverbial blender. The sudden changes are actually subdued somewhat while Uranus’ transit is retrograde. The period of Uranus retrograde allows us chance to think a little about our reaction to changes. It also gives us a chance to rethink and organize our need for change. Many groups formed while Uranus is direct, actually find more structure and organization after Uranus has begun retrograde motion.

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Uranus in Aries (Take-Two)

Since August 7th, 2018 at 12:49 PM EST, Uranus has been moving in retrograde through Taurus, which has been able to create a challenged stance in terms of what we can expect with financial entities, corporations, insurance companies, etc.. But on November 6th, 2018 at 2:59 PM EST, Uranus will move from Taurus and back into Aries, which is a placement that it has carried for the last few years. Before this, Uranus has been in Aries off and on since May 27th, 2010. Uranus in Uranus in Aries is able to create positions of unpredictability, which create challenges if on is not mindful of their own stubbornness, but this is also where individuals that are given power can create false narratives that are blindly believed.

Before this stretch, the last time that Uranus was in Aries was from 1927-1935, thus creating a breeding ground for mechanisms of dishonesty, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. When Uranus in Aries, extra care must be taken, so as not to be so stubborn that the truth of a situation is failed to be seen. This can created complicated situation, when it comes to how societies handle science, politics, and everything in between. Open-mindedness proves to be a strong ally for individuals throughout such opportunities for discord. Major turning points in societies tend to happen while Uranus is in Aries, and so being prepared for these unexpected turns will be prudent during this time.

The retrograde of Uranus tends to negate the above effects, but only to a degree. Still using a stance of optimism and mindfulness, as well as applying the Golden Rule to others during this time is able to provide smooth winds for Uranus’s sails as it moves through Aries. This will move in retrograde until January 6th, 2019.

About the Author:

Psychic Draven Grey has been part of the Keen community since April 2004. He has done readings professionally since 2000. He uses Tarot and Astrology in conjunction with his natural abilities of clairvoyance and empathy. He has a great love in helping others find their way towards love and happiness.

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