How to Become an Astrologer

how to become an astrologer

Being an astrologer requires a lot of studying and preparation. Personally, I have been studying astrology since I was a child. And, I am still learning more about the cosmos every day. Astrology can take a lifetime to learn all of the ins and outs of it. In order to be a good astrologer, you always have to keep an open mind and understand that information is constantly coming to you. That way, you don’t fall into the trap of not learning new techniques and approaches to studying the field. This is the first thing to consider is that astrology is endless and boundless. We are constantly learning more about the solar system and the information is always adding up.

No, there are funny rules to being a good astrologer. When you are meeting clients, it’s important to allow them to discuss anything and everything that is on their minds. Before they begin to ask questions, you should always allow them to explain the situation fully. Having information about whatever is going on in their lives is pivotal. Without knowing the nuances, it’s impossible to make assessments about what they want. Every now and again he will have a client who is unable or unwilling to open up and wants you to tell them everything about their lives. Well this is doable, it isn’t easy. They are basically putting up a wall between you and them and they’re not open to receiving or giving information at this time. It can make readings extremely hard and difficult. When this happens it is best to ask them what they would like to talk about. Usually that opens up the gates and allows them to converse more with you.

Listening is a very important component of being an astrologer. Without understanding what people are saying and grasping where they’re coming from, it is difficult for you to make a judgment in the chart. Therefore, active listening is important. 

If you can master these two essential components, then you are on your way to being a great astrologer. Also, understanding transit and they will chart houses is extremely important. I learned all about the planets and the mythology behind the stars before I learned astrology. This can help you understand the planets and signs on a deeper level. You can use that when you give readings and write articles by integrating your knowledge of mythology into the work that you do.

Taking an online class or learning astrology with the tool, like a deck of astrology cards, can be helpful in understanding what the planets and zodiac signs mean. Once you cross that material, then you can move towards understanding the houses in an astrology chart. The houses are Extremely important, because they depict the areas of life in which the transits and planets affect the most. You can guesstimate and estimate what is going to happen in someone’s life based on the occurrences in the 12 houses. Plus, it’s a great way to protect the angle wings of what is to come and how the people feel.

When you are Reading a chart for a client, the interpretations are based on your personal experience as an astrologer. As my mentor once said, “you can use your intelligence to put the base on the canvas and use your experience as the brushstrokes with the paint.” This means being an astrologer and interpreting a chart is based on how you wish to present the information to others. Also, based on clients who have given you feedback as to how the transits have occurred in their real life.

There is no right or wrong way to read a chart, it just depends on how you wanna facilitate and give the information that you know to others. An astrologer is really just someone who can interpret symbols and transit by explaining it to the people it is affecting in a clear and concise manner. If you can master all of this, then you can be a wonderful astrologer.

Really, the power is within you to be an amazing and awesome astrologer. Knowing about astrology is equally as important as listening to other people while they are getting readings. Doing both can transform you into a basic astrologer into someone who is world renowned and known for being superb at their craft.

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