How Much is an Astrology Reading?

An astrology reading should provide you with value.

Whether you are just discovering how your birth information affects your life or you routinely dive into the details of your natal chart, you may find pricing astrology readings a challenge. 

From storefront psychics to large online networks of advisors like Keen, no astrology reading seems to come with the same price tag. Let’s unravel the mystery so you can budget accordingly.

Types of Astrology Readings

The first type of astrology reading you might have is a birth chart reading, also called a natal chart reading. In its simplest form, a natal chart is a snapshot of the sky when you entered the world. Psychics follow the motions and angles of the planets to weave together the patterns of your life and your defining characteristics.

If you need advice on a big decision, an opportunity at work, or want some sense of direction in your daily life, you should request a current transit reading. A trusted advisor will overlay your natal chart and current transits to pinpoint planetary events that could be impacting anything from your mood to a financial investment.

Another popular astrology reading type is a couple’s astrology reading, called a relationship reading or a synastry reading. Your psychic will analyze the way a birth chart of your partner or a potential love match interacts with your own. 

This type of reading is a powerful way to learn compatibility and assess the likelihood of a long-term commitment. Read our blog to find everything you need to know about couple’s astrology readings.

Natal chart reading cost

How much is a birth chart reading? To the relief of many first-timers, you can sometimes expect to pay less for a natal chart reading because it lays the groundwork for future readings.

Storefront psychics may offer a deal on your initial reading, and you may walk out only paying $10 or $20 for a natal chart reading. 

The Value of an Astrology Reading

What price tag would you put on insight? Healing? Peace of mind? This ambiguity is why pricing for psychics and astrologers will vary so drastically. It’s hard to turn something like mental and emotional clarity into a number on a spreadsheet. 

At Keen, all customers enjoy price transparency because each psychic charges a per-minute rate. What factors affect the price of your astrology reading?


Many professional psychics and astrologers are now selling packages instead of standalone sessions. A standard rate for these types of psychics can be as high as $100 – $150 an hour, with discounts applied when you book multiple sessions in advance. That price point is steep for many people seeking guidance, which is why we commit to a fixed per-minute rate at Keen.

The psychic services at Keen are ideal for customers who do not want a steep financial commitment. Whether you want to vet a recent Hinge match or explore your future career path, you can tell your advisor a budget and keep an eye on the clock. We take the stress out of pricing so you can focus on finding clarity and seeking enlightenment through any astrology reading.

Plan ahead and prepare specific questions when you meet with our diverse astrologers to get the most out of your session. Some customers are satisfied with short sessions and a couple of key takeaways, while others may want an hour of insights to consider afterward.


At Keen, our psychics typically charge between $1.99 to $9.99 per minute. Each psychic sets their rate based on their experience, skill, and reputation. For a typical reading on Keen, expect to pay $15 to $20 unless you want a longer session.

As psychics hone their skills, develop more techniques, and gain a following, their prices will increase. The time and money they invest into their career will translate into sharp insights and seamless communication with their clientele.

Type of Reading

Just as each psychic sets their own rates, they might charge more for a synastry reading versus a standard astrology reading. Compare each advisor’s prices for services like tarot readings and spiritual readings. Chat with an advisor if you have questions about their price breakdown! 

How Much Do Basic Astrology Readings Cost?

This is the million-dollar question (though a reading will cost you nowhere close to that amount). How much will you expect to pay for an astrology reading?

Top-Tier Psychics

When a Keen psychic advisor has a proven track record of delivering invaluable insight and hundreds of glowing reviews, they value their services accordingly. If you are seeking a premium astrology reading, schedule with any of these psychics:

Standard Psychics

If you seek a psychic that fits a mid-range budget, you’ve come to the right network. Keen can connect you with a specialized advisor to consult you on your natal chart, relationships, and professional aspiration. Book a session with any of these moderately-priced advisors:

Fresh Psychics

Psychics who have recently started offering astrology readings offer the best investment for your dollar. You never know when you’ll find a strong match with an advisor, so try any of these high-rated psychics at an affordable price:

Get an Astrology Reading Today

Take advantage of a risk-free three minutes to unlock the power of an astrology reading. An initial meeting can set the stage for deeper fulfillment in your personal life. Try your first 3 minutes free

Treat yourself to an astrology reading today to discover what’s in store at Keen!

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