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What Do Butterflies Symbolize?

Butterflies can mean many different things.

Butterflies are messengers from spirit. Seeing them repeatedly is not a coincidence, so don’t ignore their presence—divine forces have an important message for you. So, you’re probably wondering what do butterflies symbolize and what does it mean when you see one from a spiritual perspective?

Butterfly Meanings 

The butterfly is an insect with the most significant number of symbolic meanings, the most important butterfly meaning being personal transformation. Other definitions include change, hope, endurance, renwal, and courage. If you believe a butterfly is your totem (spirit) animal, it means you should be prepared for changes in your life. 

Many cultures associate butterflies with our souls. In the Christian religion, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection. In other places around the world, this beautiful insect represents life, change, hope, and endurance. 

What Does It Mean When You See A Butterfly? 

The meaning of seeing a butterfly depends on the circumstances. Even though butterflies are small, they are big spiritually. 

When a Butterfly Flies Around You

Sometimes when a loved one dies, they pass on messages to us through animals like the butterfly. Seeing one flying around you is a reminder that you’re not alone. 

When You See Two Butterflies Flying Together

Seeing a pair of butterflies symbolizes a long life, but there’s also a belief in China that this duo represents undying love. This is why butterflies, along with doves, are a marriage tradition. 

When You Dream About a Butterfly

Seeing a butterfly in a dream is a positive sign, but there are several interpretations 

  • You’re going through a major transformation—just like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. 
  • A sign of a full, successful life. 
  • News from a distant friend or family member is on its way. 
  • You need to enjoy the simpler things in life. 
  • You’re about to experience spirituality and romance.
  • You need to be more open. 
  • A sign of resurrection after a death. 

When You See a Dead Butterfly

While it may sound ominous, a dead butterfly represents rebirth and awakening in several different ways. 

  • You’re being encouraged to renew your connection to important things, like joy and the lightness of spirit. 
  • You need to break free from your proverbial cocoon and ditch negative behavioral patterns that are holding you back in life. 
  • You’re not expressing yourself enough so you’re being encouraged to let yourself shine. 
  • You’re gifted spiritually or physically, but you have yet to discover your talents because of negative emotions and mental patterns. 

When You Repeatedly See Butterflies

When you repeatedly see butterflies, the universe is trying to tell you something. 

  • You’re in the midst of a major life change. Their presence is the spirit world telling you you’re not alone on this journey. 
  • You’re being encouraged to look at things from a different perspective than you’re used to so that you can become more aware of your thinking patterns and personal beliefs. 
  • You’re carrying heavy vibrations after a difficult time in your life. Try to look at the issues at hand in a lighter way. 
  • You’re being reminded to not take life for granted—this is one of the most important messages. 

Interested In Learning More About Butterfly Meanings and What It Means For You? 

As you can see, there are a lot of different meanings when you see a butterfly—even the color makes a difference. Our Keen psychic advisors can help you determine what it means when you see these beautiful creatures throughout your life. Get ready to transform yourself.

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