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This month we have powerful solar and lunar eclipses and Mercury retrogrades through two signs, bringing a total of half of the planets retrograde. This will slow things down so we can review what we have accomplished this year and make appropriate changes and alterations. Saturn will continue to sextile Neptune, allowing us to view things in a realistic and practical manner so that we have an opportunity to bring long-held hopes and dreams into reality.

Mercury, the Sun, and Venus will be in Cancer. Before the month is over they will form an opposition to Saturn and Pluto, bringing major change in the world and our personal lives.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

On July 2, a total solar eclipse falls at 10 degrees of Cancer with the lunar peak at 3:16pm EST. This eclipse is positive for bringing people together. It will not be visible from the United States but can be seen from parts of Chile and South America. The Capricorn eclipse is visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia. It will miss North America, except for the very southern and eastern parts of the continent.

Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your chart. Things can be eclipsed in or out of your life, and eclipses frequently bring surprises. A solar eclipse is like a super-charged New Moon, and this eclipse makes a minor sextile to Uranus, showing us how to look at situations in a new way. As Mars is at 0 degrees of Leo, expect some drama or people acting in a dramatic or flashy manner.

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury turns stationary retrograde July 7, at 4 degrees of Leo and it doesn’t turn direct again until August 2, at 23 degrees of Cancer. Retrograde Mercury is typically associated with breakdowns of communication and technology, delays and throwing projects into a state of flux or change. Sometimes important matters are revealed or situations end. You may think of the past and at times reconnect with those from the past. During this period, it is advisable to not sign important documents, buy real estate or big-ticket items, have cosmetic surgery, or get engaged or married.

On July 20, Mercury moves back into Cancer for the rest of the retrograde and Mercurial energy switches from dramatic to emotional. People will speak and act in a more emotional manner.

Mercury, Mars and Uranus

As Mercury turns retrograde it squares Uranus, bringing about unexpected changes and events. The week of July 7 is significant as Mercury conjuncts Mars from July 8-9, then Mars squares Uranus from July 11-12. Mercury-Mars is agitating and could be dangerous for travel and Mars square Uranus brings unexpected events.

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The lunar eclipse falls on July 16, at 24 degrees of Capricorn and the lunar peak is at 5:38pm EST.

This eclipse will set off the powerful Pluto-Saturn conjunction and we will see major events in the world and our lives especially if you have planets in your chart at 23-25 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra

This lunar eclipse will be far more intense than the solar eclipse as the Moon is conjunct Pluto. This can bring up deeply seated emotions and obsessions that can seem overwhelming. Emotional relationships may experience manipulation, guilt, jealousy or in extreme cases, violence. During a lunar eclipse as the blotting out of the moon can represent a time of resetting your emotions and emotional life. As this Moon is conjunct Pluto it will represent dramatic change in society and our lives, and many dark secrets can be revealed, as Pluto rules sex, money, manipulation and those who try and force their will on others.

Venus opposite Saturn is not a positive omen for relationships at this time, and those involvements tottering on the edge can break up or end. That said with Saturn trine Neptune it is possible for something positive to come from the Pluto contact, as Pluto brings change and regeneration at best.

July Love forecast

Mars and Venus are the day to day significators of our love lives. Venus enters Cancer from July 3-27. This is positive for all water signs, especially Pisces as it moves through the 5th house of love. This can also work well for Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Mars in Leo works well for all fire signs, especially Aries as it transits the 5th house. When Venus enters Leo on July 27, it will team up with Mars in Leo through August 20. Fire signs have a real advantage at this time, especially Aries, as Venus and Mars are traveling through their house of love. This is a special time for meeting someone significant.

Other Important Dates

July 9 – Sun opposes Saturn. This is tiring, negative energy but much work can be accomplished.

July 14 – The Sun opposes Pluto. Watch out for significant conflicts and breakdowns.

July 18 – Venus trines Neptune. This can be creative, romantic, compassionate, and spiritual matters may be important.

July 21 – Venus opposes Pluto. Pluto rules sex and money, so beware of issues involving relationships obsessive and money.

July 22 – The Sun enters Leo. Time for 6 more weeks of summer fun!

July 24 – Mercury conjuncts Venus. Positive for all communication or money matters.

July 25 – Mars trines Jupiter. Positive for expansive opportunities and dealing with the unfamiliar.

July 29 – Sun squares Uranus. This involves sudden change and unexpected events.

July 31 – New Moon falls at 8 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the 5th house of love, friendship and children. This Moon conjuncts Venus making this an opportune time for love and social activities.

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