Leo Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


Any relationship between a Leo man and Taurus woman is destined to be a challenge; the question is whether it will be an enjoyable one or a frustrating experience. As both the lion and bull are stubborn by nature, interested parties should definitely strive to have what is most important to them settled before jumping into any long-term relationship. Compatibility is possible though. In many aspects, the pair is directly opposed, yet in others, they share almost identical views which can help balance the unfavorable outlook. For the lazy Leo man that shies away from hard work, you may want to back out of this arrangement before things go too far as this will not be an easy journey. As for the Taurus woman, don’t count out your lion if things don’t mesh at first, he is by far the sign most likely to enjoy your hedonistic desires with you. Stick with us to learn where you come together, and where you clash as the starting point on this risky but rewarding journey.

Basic Compatibility

The fiery Leo man is charming, and he certainly knows it. His unpredictable, spontaneous behavior and upbeat approach to everything draws in a Taurus woman like a magnet. As the poster-child for reliability and stability, the Taurus woman is directly opposed to his flashy, fluctuating nature, but it is attractive nonetheless. The bull believes in taking life by the horns, without so much as a moment of hesitation in the face of challenge. Leo men rightly answer that call with their bravery and confidence in nearly any situation. Lions posses an ego that must regularly be fed through compliments, admiration, and attention. Unlike other signs, Taurus women aren’t opposed to offering those things, as long as the Leo man puts in some effort towards earning it.

Unfortunately, there are many areas where Leo men and Taurus women clash outright. Leadership is a major issue, as both lions and bulls are born to lead and truly desire that position. Another problem is the protective and possessiveness of Taurus will conflict with Leo’s needed social life. Leos have a near constant drive to be social, surrounded by people they can impress and be adored by even while remaining steadfastly loyal. The Taurus woman prefers to be at home, and a partner all to herself in most ways. Jealousy often rears its ugly head when her lover is constantly out of sight. Lastly, the Taurus woman can find it difficult to bond with a sign so self-centered and often egotistical. Taurus-born give their all to their partner in a serious relationship, and it can be hurtful not to see the same returned.

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Love And Relationships

The Leo man is fervently social and strives to be the life of the party. Even though it may seem friends are merely tools to him to gain what he needs, in truth, he is extremely loyal and generous to his friends. He lights up any room he is in and refuses to allow his loved ones to frown. His fun-loving, humorous personality is endearing to almost everyone he encounters making him near impossible to dislike. The Taurus woman is much more of an introvert and is altogether not very social. That said, she also attracts many friends due to her relaxed and dependable nature. She puts no expectations on friends and is generally accepting of all if they offer their hand in friendship. The bull is resistant to close friendships and intimate relationships as a defense mechanism. While tough and durable on the outside, she is well aware of her soft, vulnerable heart. A broken heart or failed relationship weighs very heavily on the Taurus woman, so she is inclined to put up many walls before her heart can be won.

Intimate relationships between Leo men and Taurus women can be a flip of the coin. Either they will be blissful or troubled, and often not for lack of effort. The innate stubbornness of both signs tends to rear its ugly head here most frequently. The Taurus woman will find that she needs to break out of her love for being at home in comfortable routine if she wishes to spend more time with her partner. The Leo man craves fun and excitement, and nothing is more displeasing than being home alone or with one other person. On the positive side, both the bull and lion cherish romance and frequent sexual intimacy. Even if all else is in tatters, passion and sex will always be available. The Leo man will need to readily accept the soft side of his Taurus woman, as it will at last be revealed once a serious relationship has begun. Her emotional side can be overwhelming at times, but nothing that is too difficult to handle. This pairing will forever be a delightful push and pull between the interests of one partner and those of the other. Any person who is used to having their own way at all times need not apply.

Working Together

Leo men and Taurus women have absolutely no trouble working together. These two signs may well represent a dream team as long as there is a clear leader well in advance of working together. The drive for admiration and respect drive a fierce ambition in Leo, which means he will never slack off. Taurus women are also relentlessly hard workers even if for entirely different reasons. Leo men are susceptible to becoming embroiled in workplace drama and it is hard for them to withdraw themselves from social aspects that are a detriment to their focus. Taurus women have no time for drama and remain focused on the task at hand. All things considered, in a business environment both should flourish whether working together or apart.

Taurus women and Leo men feeling each other’s call need not run in the opposite direction.

There is a real chance for happiness between these two signs as long as expectations are tempered. Compromise is the word of the day and it applies to both of these masters of stubbornness. The adoration the Leo man craves can certainly be earned and the Taurus woman can gain the one-on-one time she desires when everything is worked out and running smoothly. The relationship will be a hard mountain to climb, but neither of you shirks challenges so why start now?

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