The Magician Reversed Tarot Card


The magician is a very powerful card. When reversed, the magician’s great power is definitely something to be wary of. It is associated with many negative characteristics, including deceit, greed, and manipulation. When you see the reversed magician appear in a tarot reading, it is a sign that you should take care and pay attention for tricks and traps that are designed to confuse and control you.

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 An Untrustworthy Charmer

The magician reversed card may be a warning about a troublesome person in your life. On the surface, everything probably seems perfect. He is charming and witty, making it very easy to get caught up in his act. But, in the end, he is very much like the stereotypical used car salesman that is trying to manipulate you into agreeing to something that really isn’t that great of a deal. Be very careful when dealing with him – it’s easier than you think to be distracted and fooled by this untrustworthy charmer. He is willing to do whatever it takes to string you along, even if that means lying or cheating.

Impending Failure

The reversed magician may be a sign of impending failure. You probably have realized that things aren’t exactly going to plan at the moment. But it is often all too easy to dismiss any problems as minor setbacks in the grand scheme of things. However, these problems may cause you far more trouble than you anticipate, especially if you are under prepared to handle them. Unfortunately, it may simply be too late to salvage this situation.

Wasted Talent  

When you see the reversed magician, it might be an indication of a talent you have that you are letting go to waste. Perhaps you have spent years cultivating and perfecting a skill, but are not making use of it in your present life. Or maybe you have a knack for a certain thing, yet you haven’t made time to practice and perfect this talent. Or, you could be keeping your abilities to yourself, rather than using them to benefit your family, friends, or even the world. It is time for you tap into your full potential and reveal these currently hidden abilities. You have so much more to give.

Lack of Drive

You may be lacking drive and motivation if you see the magician reversed in a tarot reading. Maybe you are finding it hard to transform your ideas into actions. Perhaps your leadership or communication skills are not up to par. Or, maybe you’re just not fully applying yourself to the task at hand. Whatever the reason for your lack of motivation, these obstacles will cause problems for you. You will not be able to achieve your goals until you change your course of action and attitude.

In Over Your Head   

The magician reversed may appear when you are out of your depths in your current situation. Whether you lack the skills, resources, or plan required to finish the task, you are simply overwhelmed and unable to fix this situation. You lack confidence and feel as though you don’t really know what you’re doing. Your struggle is likely very obvious to those around you. But there is no need to be ashamed at being in over your head. Asking for help may be the key to your success.

The Wrong Time

The reversed magician can also mean that while you might have everything in place to ensure a successful outcome, the timing is simply not right for this project. Perhaps there is something else going on that needs your full attention and focus first before you commit to this new plan. Or maybe you’re just trying to hurry something along out of impatience when it just isn’t meant to be. Take care of any outstanding business before you dive head first into new and exciting projects.

Time for a Reality Check

You might also see the magician reversed when you are in need of a reality check. Take a step back from your current situation so you can reassess things from a fresh perspective. Your judgment is clouded by confusion and impatience. Use this time of reflection to bring yourself back “down to earth.” Determine what your goals are and establish a clear path to achieve them. Then focus your energy on staying grounded while you make them happen.

An Unbalanced Relationship  

When it comes to relationships, the reversed magician can have two vastly different interpretations. However, both options can mean trouble for the pair. On one hand, this card may indicate a toxic partner. This person is controlling and possessive within the relationship, which can inflict a lot of damage on their partner. No good can come from this situation.

However, seeing this card may also mean that you are seeking someone who will be dominant over you. You may be feeling weak and unsure of what to do. Finding a partner who will take charge and tell you what to do may sound like the perfect solution to fixing all of your problems. But this rarely works out well. A partner can be a wonderful support when things are tough, but a great relationship depends on two strong individuals working together. A domineering partner is likely to cause more problems than they solve.

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