Libra Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

libra-man-pisces-womanThe Pisces woman and Libra man are two signs that love to experience romance and the joy of finding the ideal person for them. It is of little surprise that the scale and fish may find themselves head over heels for each other, and even less surprising that it will often turn out very well. The Libra man truly believes in balance and, as the Pisces woman is prone to acts of selflessness and devotion, he will be more than happy to return it in equal measure. While their fights will be few due to their cooperative and conflict-avoiding personalities, there are definitely issues that can arise over some of their innate differences. Once the daze of romance wears off, it can be difficult for some Libra men to feel satisfied with a partner who enjoys her alone time thoroughly. In the same token, Pisces women are lost without their dreams and time alone with their thoughts so the pull to reality may be far too strong. All things considered, this match has high potential for compatibility and can be absolute bliss for both parties as long as conflicts are not allowed to fester.

Basic Compatibility

The Libra man centers his life around his belief that harmony, balance, and cooperation is the way to prevent and solve every problem. He is naturally gentle, quiet, and kind but can become quite the warrior in the face of injustice or ill-treatment. The Pisces woman is similar in some ways, also being a gentle and quiet soul, yet her life is ruled not by some moralistic belief, but pure emotion instead. Some would say the dreaming fish is bent on dreaming to escaping reality for the sake of it, while, in fact, she often seeks to escape reality as it has been cruel to her. Pisces is gullible and trusting to a fault, frequently manipulated, used, and abused as her weakness can be rather apparent to those up to no good. While the Libra man does not suffer from gullibility and an inability to stand up for himself, he often will intentionally dismiss a partner’s poor behavior out of desperation for a relationship.

Pisces women will often struggle to become the ideal partner or friend that a Libra man dreams of. The scale would prefer if they were never apart, joyously performing every activity side by side. While the fish absolutely loves people, she must have the freedom to reflect and recharge on her own. The biggest challenge these two signs will face is taking the necessary steps to resolve problems that occur. Both signs loathe confrontation of any type and Libra, as well as Pisces, will frequently continue to selflessly give their all to their partner even if the balance is unhealthy. This can lead to frustration and larger problems in the long run as the fear of losing a partner may well keep them both silent. The Libra man’s indecisiveness only makes matters worse as the Pisces woman is often too passive to fill in for the lack of decision-making.

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Love And Relationships

Pisces women are unique in that they are true introverts and yet often have more friends than those who are dedicated to socializing. She has a high level of charm and friendliness that makes her near impossible to hate. Couple this with her compassion and selfless devotion to her friends and it is clear why she has so many people who love to be in her presence. The empathetic ability of your average Pisces is relatively unmatched and nearly everyone feels safe confiding in this sweet, gentle individual. Libra men are extroverts and constantly seek out others to socialize with, although this may lessen once they find their soulmate. It’s rare for his friendships to degrade or fail and he is often the designated problem-solver of his friend group. That said, he is more picky about his friendships than other signs and will avoid people who are cruel, loud or problematic. The biggest benefit to this is that he can protect a Pisces woman from being emotionally manipulated by alerting her and stepping in when he determines someone is up to no good.

Intimate relationships between the pair will be overflowing with romance at all stages, as both signs are truly addicted to romance and being in love. Sexual intimacy will remain an important part of their relationship as it is an emotionally expressive outlet for Pisces that Libra can confidently match in any situation. The Pisces woman will need to understand and accept that the Libra man will never match her on an emotional scale, but it doesn’t make him any less devoted. On Libra’s end, he will need to fine-tune his discernment ability to recognize when his fish needs his protective shadow, and when she needs time alone. While the Libra man is far more spontaneous than the Pisces woman, he is usually patient enough for the slow and steady fish to feel happy and satisfied. Pisces benefits the greatest here as Libra will be her anchor, keeping her focused on reality just enough to make rational decisions. Overall, the relationship is extremely likely to be successful and gratifying for both sides.

Working Together

Pisces women and Libra men are absolutely adored by their coworkers, as well as supervisors, in the workplace. The scale and the fish are jointly driven to help everyone in need and stay as far as possible from any drama or issues. Competition and ambition are frequently the furthest from their minds as far as working drives go so they do not feel the need to best others around them. That said, the creative Pisces woman would much rather work alone than in a group while Libra is the exact opposite. Rest assured that if their paths end up crossing, problems are very unlikely to occur between the pair.

Any relationship between a Libra man and Pisces woman can feel as if it was pulled directly from a storybook. These sweet, mild-mannered signs are ideal for each other on several levels. While the fish will never match the scale’s zeal for justice and balance, she will happily empathize and support the things that are important to him. In the same token, the Libra man will act as a shield for his partner’s weaknesses, finding true balance in the greatest way. Beyond some characteristic pitfalls due to a fear of conflict, the seas are calm and the skies are clear for this romance-loving pair.

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