Taurus Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility


When two people have different priorities, the chances for long-term love are slim. The Taurus man is a homebody who wants to plant roots, while the Sagittarius woman is always off to the next adventure and can’t be tied down. In order for this pair to find compatibility and make it beyond the beginnings of their relationship, they must learn to come to an understanding about their needs.

Sagittarius is a flirt, and she knows how to make others feel good about themselves. Her smile can light up the room and she doesn’t even know it sometimes. Because of her positive vibes, people are naturally drawn to Sagittarius, including Taurus.

Because he’s reserved and usually not first to make the first move, she’ll find it a fun conquest to bring him out of his shell. Sagittarius will be intrigued by his quiet charm, and will have no qualms in making her intentions known. Before you know it, Taurus will be basking in her sunshine, ready to follow where she wants to go.

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Are They Right For Each Other?

The more time you spend with a person, they more their true personalities come out. If Taurus and Sagittarius start to get serious, their opposing natures will surely come to the surface, especially when it comes to routine and tradition.

A Taurus man sees the charm with quiet dinners at home, but a Sagittarius woman will always want more. She’s prone to new conquests, and there’s nothing more exciting than trying new things. In her mind, there’s nothing wrong with driving across town to try out that new restaurant. And her mate should enjoy it just as well.

But what happens if he doesn’t? Taurus is a practical homebody by nature, and the constant need of Sagittarius to be out and about doesn’t sit well most of the time. He’ll give her reasons why he’d rather stay at home, and she’ll be patient at first.

In the long run, Sagittarius might accuse Taurus of being complacent and will begin to set her sights elsewhere. She has no patience for those who can’t keep up with her needs. If you’re with Sagittarius, you have to be on board with going wherever the wind takes you. But Taurus doesn’t like wandering outside his pasture.

In order for the relationship to work, the Sagittarius woman will need to understand that his taste of adventure will only go so far. She can be his motivator, his cheerleader, and his inspiration to try new things in life. She’ll just have to remember that an experience which she finds thrilling and exhilarating might be dangerous and reckless in her Taurus man’s eyes – and he doesn’t like to live that way.

These two also need to be careful with their tempers. As a fire sign, Sagittarius already has it in her to ignite with no warning. And while Taurus is the more grounded earth sign, he can rage like the bull that he is when tested. The good thing is, Taurus is patient and is filled with quiet strength. If he can keep his resolve while her anger flares, his feelings won’t get the best of him.

Doing What it Takes

If Taurus and Sagittarius want to make it work, they truly can with enough trust, respect and understanding. But they have to try hard, given their personalities will always try steer them in opposite directions. He can show her stability and a home in which to return after her adventures. And he can help her avoid behaviors that put her at risk, especially financial ones.

The universe knows what it is doing, and if it brings a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman together, there is always a lesson to be learned from both sides. He’s traditional deep inside, and he can be a reliable provider that will never leave her wanting more. Because he is steadfast and committed, he’ll charge at full momentum when he’s in love. He will always mean what he says, and is a strong force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting the important people in his life.

Sometimes, love is an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be that way for the bull and the female archer. If they can find a way to balance their opposing personalities, they can actually better each other and find a solid partnership with enough moments of passion to fuel a lifetime of happiness.

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