mercury retrograde march 2012

The way you communicate has a lot to do with the planet Mercury, which is often called the planet of communication and also rules your thought processes, your logic or lack thereof, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas across to the world.

You may have heard of Mercury Retrograde, which happens when Mercury seems to move backward in its path through the heavens. To understand the effects of a Mercury Retrograde period, think of it like this: Since this planet rules things that flow such as communication, network connections and so on, when it goes Retrograde, it hinders that easy flow. Communication gets difficult, and misunderstandings often result; planes take off late or your letters get lost in the mail.

Lots of people experience Mercury Retrograde periods as a difficult few weeks, because every effort they make to get something across seems to be thwarted or just stopped in its tracks. Good thing they last less than a month!

Mercury appears to go retrograde three times a year for approximately 21 – 22 days at a time, reminding us Earthlings to slow down and move more cautiously, by choice or by force. This planet’s retrograde periods are often held responsible for everything from traffic accidents to computer crashes to misunderstandings between lovers!

Mercury moves into Aries March 2nd where it will stay until May 8th. This is an unusually long cycle as Mercury turns retrograde in Aries on March 12th. It will then retrograde back into Pisces March 23rd and then turn direct in Pisces April 4th. It moves into Aries again on April 16th where it will stay until May 8th. Phew!

The retrograde Mercury in Aries (March 12th – 23rd) is a period which requires a great deal of conscious effort on your part with regards to your communication style and content with others. There is a strong tendency to blurt things out or to be blunt in ways that are less than useful. Your perception of what other people say may be skewed by your overly eager and anxious desire for action.

You are highly impatient to get things moving and that translates to impulsive words that may cause quite a stir in others. One of the hardest but most important feats to accomplish during this period is self-restraint, especially when feeling most passionate about a subject. You will create equally passionate responses, and some of them will not be so fun to deal with.

Make sure you say nothing that you’ll regret later, especially words that are harsh and critical. Your words are more likely to be misconstrued even if you have good intentions. Likewise, you are likely to misconstrue a comment someone else makes to you. One way to circumvent a potentially hostile conversation is by using neutral, non-threatening language. Try to stay on lighter subjects, if you can.

When Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces on March 23rd (through April 4th ) it is definitely not the best influence for composing lengthy statistical reports nor is this a great time to read up on the latest tax laws for the coming year. In fact, any task that requires detailed scrutiny should best be left alone until another time.

This dreamy period will make you stare off into space for hours on end. Conversations have a way of drifting into strange and surreal territory. Facts are hard to hold on to and your memory may be less dependable than usual. You are highly sensitive to the energy around you. If you sense any aggression from the other party, you’ll probably be tempted to run away and hide.

Once Mercury moves forward in Pisces on April 4th be sure to use your intuitive powers which will be strong, while your rational mind might be on hiatus. You’ll be in touch with the big picture and higher vision, but save the details for another time.

When Mercury moves into Aries once again on April 16th this will be a time your mind could be functioning at top speed and in short bursts of activity. Ideas you had during the Aries retrograde period (March 12th – 23rd) may come to fruition. You might not have a lot of patience to focus on one idea for too long, instead burning through one thought quickly and moving on to the next. Instead of weighing all the pros and cons of a situation, you may tend to make snap judgments. This is a great

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