Pisces Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Capricorn women are born leaders and will persistently pursue the object of their desires, whether is it a goal or a love interest. However, if it is a Pisces man she has set her sights on, it would be smart to be wary. Even though winning the heart of the selfless fish may be easy, she may not like what she finds. Pisces men live life swimming freely and are well-known as the dreamers of the zodiac. Capricorns only function in the cold, hard reality of the real world and they have the personality to match. While this does not mean it is impossible for relationships to work, the potential for conflict in this volatile mix is extremely high. It could require some extra effort for a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman to achieve compatibility. If this pairing is to succeed, the Pisces man will have to change to meet the stubbornly unchanging nature of a Capricorn. For her part, the Capricorn woman will have to direct her abundant self-discipline into fostering emotional involvement that is on par with her Pisces mate. Knowledge and consideration of the inherent astrological traits of your partner can give you the wisdom to know when your relationship is futile and when it is promising.

Basic Compatibility

If karmic enemies were a thing, Pisces men would be pretty high on the list of a Capricorn woman and vice versa. Pisces is arguably the most emotional sign within the zodiac after Cancer. He thrives off of the emotional connection and give and take he has with other people. He is extremely empathetic, and his intuition keys him in on the feelings of others with ease. Once a problem is noticed, he sacrifices all to fix it and to make those he knows, or even strangers, happy again. Capricorn is the exact opposite and tends to lean on the emotionally cold side. They are happily locked into their traditions and routines and display no time for those who drift from reality on a regular basis. While you cannot expect Capricorns to meet you halfway, their disciplined nature won’t accept personal failure in things that are important to them. Thus, they will learn from their mistakes and gradually work to be better partners.

Pisces men are relatively passive and trust blindly, entering every relationship with raw optimism and expecting the best in everyone. Capricorn women are not distrusting, but they ultimately expect the worst out of those they meet. They can come off of in a very haughty manner when others fail and consider themselves to have predicted it solely by being negative. Capricorn women are goal-driven, ambitious and frequently successful without too much emotional investment to interfere with their aspirations. Pisces lives life to help others, never feeling more fulfilled than when he has been of assistance to someone truly in need. Both signs are hardworking and relatively responsible, so there is another bonus to a relationship. Additionally, Capricorn women are known to possess a great sense of humor, but they are unfortunately not above utilizing it for hurtful sarcasm.

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Love And Relationships

The nature of Pisces means relationships and friendship come easy and stick around even easier. He will flock to those who are as kind and emotionally expressive as he is, or he will drift to those he can “fix.” Capricorn women, on the other hand, prefer a partner who is as hands off as possible. She is simply not interested in molding a partner or friend to suit her and thus prefers happily independent signs that share her values already. Capricorns are usually very conventional people, desiring parental approval of their mates. When she’s in a relationship with a Pisces man, there’s a good chance his actions of emotional expression will rub off on her. She learns from her mistake of hurting him and, in her drive to not repeat them, he can gradually soften up her guarded exterior.

Capricorn women exude self-discipline in everything except sexual matters. They love sex for its own sake, and there is little chance a relationship unfulfilling in that area would survive. Pisces men tend to view sex as another amazing way to strengthen emotional bonds and enjoy intimacy. He may have to come to grips with the fact that, at times, her acts of intimacy will lack the romantic build up he loves and be for little more than shared pleasure. Relationships are tough between the two wayward signs as they represent nearly everything their partner loathes. In spite of the negative outlook, both sides are loyal to a fault and honest to their partners. If infidelity does occur, Capricorn women are unforgiving while Pisces’ optimistic and forgiving nature is sadly manipulated too often. Like everything else about her, a Capricorn woman can simply be a difficult match. When a soul mate is found, however, expect her to cling to this rarity as if it is all that matters.

Working Together

Pisces men function great in teams and even alone, to a degree. They help everyone around them and would feel far too guilty to be lazy. Capricorn women make very effective managers and can run an office without letting emotions cloud their judgments or showing favoritism. Together in the workplace, they can function very well if in a position that meshes with their strengths. If a Capricorn woman is being managed by a Pisces man, things may get a bit heated, but if the opposite occurs, things usually run very smoothly. In general, Capricorns struggle in the team environment based on their know-it-all nature that causes divisiveness. In essence, Pisces men excel where Capricorns struggle and the same applies in reverse. Her self-control will prevent large-scale drama from breaking out, and he will tirelessly try to smooth over any disagreements.

Pisces men with Capricorn women is a pairing that is high risk, often without a great reward to make it worth the struggle. The good news is that if it is truly sought by both sides and not merely settled for, a lasting relationship or friendship is completely achievable. Stubborn yin certainly outweighs yang in this match, but Pisces is intuitive enough to know that if his partner doesn’t budge, he simply must widen the pathway. Peaceful and happy coexistence is possible when honesty and communication rule the day-to-day interactions and boundaries are adhered to.

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