Pisces Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility


Your star sign says a lot about your personality, but what does it mean for the most important people in your life? If you’re having trouble communicating with a partner, friend, or colleague, sometimes it helps to look skyward for the solution. Understanding your individual star signs and how they work together – or don’t – is a great way to avoid drama and improve communication. If those star signs are Pisces and Scorpio, it’s especially important to know each other’s signs very well.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) and Scorpio (October 23-November 21) are two water signs associated with passion and loyalty. Both were born as one season was ending and another was beginning. However, that season was winter for the Scorpio and spring for the Pisces, and this probably speaks volumes about your wildly different personalities. Avoid a hot-and-cold relationship by staying storm-ready and aware of each other’s tendencies.  

Understanding Each Water Sign

Does your relationship include a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman? Whether you’re jumping into a new romance or trying to better understand a longtime friend, it helps to start with your individual star signs. After all, it’s hard to analyze the dynamics between two people without getting to know them as individuals.

If You’re a Pisces Man

As a Pisces man, you’ve probably heard the words, “you’re not like other men” before. You’re an creative, emotionally intelligent man who likes to feel appreciated and goes out of his way to make others happy. You’re easygoing, faithful, and loyal. However, you spend a lot of time adapting to others’ needs, and you may overextend yourself and neglect your own. You’re also irrational and spontaneous, so if you’re not careful, your laidback nature could make you an unreliable partner and friend.

If You’re a Scorpio Woman

As a Scorpio woman, you’re someone who knows what she wants. You try to be practical and careful, though, so it probably takes a long time to be vulnerable with new people and jump into new commitments. Once you do, your sensual, independent nature comes out, and you love being physically and emotionally intimate with the people you truly trust. This can be a great gift in relationships, as long as you get the loyalty and honesty that you expect from your partners and friends.

Romantic Compatibility: Opposites Attract

Pisces men and Scorpio women have some of the hottest, deepest, romantic bonds. They’re both loyal, passionate people who give all of themselves to their relationships. However, because their communication styles are so different, passion can easily turn into jealousy and even hatred – if the two get together at all. It’s hard to believe that two water signs can be so different, but when it works, it really works.

Dating a Pisces Man

Like any star sign, the best traits associated with Pisces can also be the most frustrating. Your Pisces lover wants to make you happy and he knows how to adapt to other people’s moods and desires. This can be fantastic in the bedroom, but it also leads to miscommunications and illogical decisions. Meanwhile, your own desire for control and loyalty can quickly turn into jealousy and paranoia. Make sure you’re asking direct questions about his desires instead of making assumptions. Be appreciate of unexpected gestures and surprises, even if they catch you off-guard.

Dating a Scorpio Woman

You’re a lucky man, because Scorpios are sensual, passionate people who don’t give their love to just anyone. However, you’re also in a bit of a pickle, because your Scorpio partner will have very high expectations for you. She isn’t vulnerable unless she trusts you, so be open about your own desires and needs instead of trying to change yourself for her. Cultivate shared interests that bring out her passionate, spontaneous side.

To learn more about the romantic connection for a Pisces man and Scorpio woman, talk to a relationship psychic on Keen.

Friendship Compatibility: A Foundation of Trust

Are you close friends with a Pisces or Scorpio of the opposite sex? Good news! Scorpio women are known as good secret-keepers who stay cool under pressure, while Pisces men are loyal and easygoing companions. This is a great combination for a platonic relationship, because friendships between these two signs are built on mutual expectations of trust and honesty. Shared interests are gold, because you’re both passionate, deep people who love devoting yourselves to worthy people and causes. However, indirectness and moodiness on the part of the Pisces man might clash with the Scorpio’s obsessive tendencies and high expectations.

Friendship with a Scorpio Woman

As a Pisces man, your generosity and ease with people probably attract a lot of friends, but it’s the Scorpio woman who sticks out. Her friendship doesn’t come as easily as yours, but because of your intuition and emotional depth, you understand her complex nature better than others. She prefers intimate settings to big groups and direct communication to subtlety, so when it’s time to hang out with her, be on time and make sure you’re 100 percent present.

Friendship with a Pisces Man

Both signs can be extremely spontaneous, but as a Scorpio woman, you spend most of your time resisting your compulsive side and trying to make rational decisions. To make this friendship work, you’ll have to decide to jump on the ride that is the Pisces man’s life. He might bring out some irrational and unhealthy impulses, so don’t go on shopping sprees or pub crawls together unless you’re prepared to overindulge. But he will also do his best to make you happy and earn your trust, so make sure he knows that you value his opinion – let him pick the restaurant sometimes!


Colleague Compatibility: Creative Collaborators  

These working relationships function quite well when the Scorpio woman is in a leadership position, because Pisces men are happy to adapt to her spoken rules and intuitive enough to anticipate the unspoken ones. However, these two can be equal partners or collaborators too. It will just take some patience and creativity on her part and some open communication on his, because the Pisces man can also be unpredictable and indirect. This is especially true if his creative, empathetic spirit feels restricted by the structure of his job.

Working with a Pisces Man

As a Scorpio woman in the workplace, you’re productive, perceptive, and rational. You prefer to be direct with people and you hold them accountable for mistakes, but you’re willing to make a lot of sacrifices and work hard if it helps your team succeed. Confronted with the idea of a creative, emotional daydreamer in the workplace, you might be tempted to run quickly in the other direction. However, under the right influence, Pisces men can be counted on for their creativity, loyalty, and spontaneity. When there’s a problem, he will step up and help brainstorm a solution that works for everyone.

Working with a Scorpio Woman

Fortunately, Scorpios make some of the best co-workers and bosses, because they’re reliable and rational people who reward loyalty. However, your creative and laid-back spirit might clash with her preference for logic, discipline, and directness. Make sure you respect her rules, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box, because she needs someone creative on her team. Your Scorpio co-worker might get competitive and even jealous, but don’t take it personally; she just enjoys a challenge and wants to do her best. If you show that you’re dependable and voice your concerns, instead of holding them in, you’ll go far.


Are you a female Scorpio or a male Pisces? Contact a spiritual advisor to learn more about your water sign and interactions with other people. Whether you’re hoping for romantic bliss or just a smooth working relationship, understanding your sign and your own personal tendencies will make it easier to communicate with each other.  

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