Full Moon Tarot Spread


You don’t have to wait for a particular phase of the moon to consult the tarot with a question. However, different phases of the moon do lend themselves to different types of readings, and you may find the answers you receive to be more relevant when you align your questions with the moon. For instance, the new moon is a great time to explore aspects of new beginnings, and to set intentions for the month to come. The waxing moon, those days when the moon grows toward full, is a time of drawing things toward yourself and tapping into the energies already present in your life, and using them to advance your cause.

The full moon, which traditionally includes the three days both before and after the moon is technically full, is the time to manifest those intentions, to ask what you need to do now in order to reach your goal or bring those intentions into being. The full moon is an especially good time to ask questions related to personal growth, as the time of the full moon is when intuitive powers tend to be at their strongest.

The full moon tarot spread is intended to capitalize on this heightened intuition, and is especially useful for uncovering internal obstacles that may be blocking you from reaching your goals. You can also turn to a trusted advisor at Keen for psychic guidance.

The full moon spread, step-by-step

For the most powerful reading, try this spread at night during the full moon, when the influence of the moon is at its greatest. Focus deeply as you shuffle the cards, and pay attention to your intuition as you lay them out. After all, the full moon is a time of heightened intuition. You may feel compelled to choose the “wrong” card – one from the center or the bottom of the deck, for instance – for a particular position. Or you may intuitively feel that you should put two cards in the same position. Pay attention to these intuitive messages and do what you feel is right. Read the cards one at a time, in the order you laid them out, and pay close attention to the relationships between them.


Position one: Where you are

This represents the point you are at in your life right now. This card corresponds to the significator in the Celtic Cross tarot spread and others. Examine it carefully for clues to hidden influences and currents which you may not be consciously aware of. Sometimes, where we believe we are isn’t where we actually are at all.  

Position two: Who you appear to be

This represents both how you present yourself to the world – your public face – and the true nature of your relationships with others in the context of your question. Look at this card as speaking to the tension that may exist between these two aspects of yourself, your public persona and your inner self. What do you need to do in order to bring these into harmony?

Position three: Obstacles in your path

This clarifies what may be blocking you from your goals, or stopping you from manifesting your intentions. This card may simply reinforce what you already know, or it may bring to light hidden forces at work which you are unaware of. It can represent both material obstacles and immaterial ones such as emotions and behaviors.

Position four: What you need to do outside

This card helps you understand what you need to do in order to overcome these obstacles. It speaks to material things and physical action rather than emotional or psychological adjustments.

Position 5: What you need to do inside

This card addresses your internal landscape. It highlights problem areas which you may need to work on before your goal can be achieved. This may mean changing your attitude, examining your motivation, or even changing your expectations.

Position 6: What you can learn from others

When we’re focused on a particular outcome or goal, it’s sometimes easy to miss the obvious. This card suggests what lessons you might learn from the outside world and from other people in order to create the outcome you want. Pay close attention to this card, especially in relation to the cards in positions 4 and 5.

Position 7: The outcome

This card, of course, represents the probable outcome if you dig deeply and follow the guidance presented by the other cards. Don’t take this card at face value. Look deeply and consider the more subtle implications. As with beginnings, sometimes where we think we want to be is quite different from where we end up, or where we need to be. So look below the surface and examine this probable outcome carefully.

Do you have to use this spread during the full moon?

Of course not. If you have a pressing question or problem, the time to ask for guidance is in the moment, and the full moon spread can help you bring the power of the full moon into your reading at any time of the month. However, if you’re reading as part of the process of working toward a long-time goal, or if you’re looking for deep emotional or spiritual guidance, you will probably find the full moon the most propitious time for a reading.

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