Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon Traits

pisces sun scorpio moon

Ever wondered what the combination of a sun and moon sign mean in astrology? If you have looked at your birth chart and seen your sun sign is Pisces but you have moon in Scorpio, then you are an absolute powerhouse of emotions.

Two dynamic water signs come head-to-head in the Pisces sun, Scorpio moon zodiac placements. The dreamy sign of Pisces matches with intense Scorpio to deliver a temperamental nature that can go full throttle when something interests them, but detach at the drop of a hat. 

Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon Personality

Embodying two water signs, the Pisces sun Scorpio moon is an extremely sensitive person. You cannot pull the wool over their eyes. They have psychic abilities beyond what meets the eye, and their intuition is razor-sharp.

Because they are so perceptive of people and the world around them, they would excel in careers that require reading people or any kind of investigation. They have a knack for “just knowing” and acting on their hunches.

Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon Strengths

Spiritual, sensual, and attentive, the Pisces sun with a Scorpio moon is passionate loyal lovers once you have won their trust. They desire a long-term commitment – the fairytale love they believe exists. 

Their yearnings for intimacy make them excellent lovers when they meet their match – someone who shares the same ability to read others’ emotions and has grandiose exciting dreams for their life.

Their passion can see them achieve all they set out to do in life. Once they decide on something or someone, they become hyper-focused on achieving that goal. And they will succeed. 

Being curious about the world around them, the Pisces sun, Scorpio moon has a thirst to learn more. They can reach higher levels of consciousness, and once they have mastered their own emotions, they can go on to become great healers, spiritual teachers, and revered artists. 

Because they live so deeply in their imagination, their thoughts can become their reality. This makes them powerful manifesters. A caution to this is that they keep their thoughts aligned with their ideal vision and not their fears to avoid manifesting undesired circumstances.

Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon Struggles

They are so sensitive: This can be their downfall as they tend to harbor resentment when hurt and have a hard time letting go. Was it really the other person’s fault? Because they live in a fantasy land of their own mind, sometimes they have a hard time differentiating between imagination and reality, making it difficult for their lovers, family, and friends to measure up to their expectations. With maturity, they will slowly loosen this grip and begin to see things for what they are.

They are overly emotional: This placement has a hard time with their emotions because they experience them on such a deep level. Their problems seem more difficult to them rather than other people and because of this, they can at times, be cutting with others who they perceive can’t reach the same level of empathy they are capable of bestowing.

They can be judgmental: Overanalyzing is a part of their nature. They see all and they know all. While this is a great gift and can make them a healer, they will need to learn to relax their judgment of others. They tend to be dramatic which can lead them to cause drama in their intimate connections and lash out when they’re feeling sensitive.

They wallow: Once hurt, the Pisces sun, Scorpio moon will wallow in self-pity and often play the victim. Since they live on an emotional rollercoaster, this can cause problems in their everyday life if they are going through a rough patch. They can be prone to substance abuse, turning to alcohol or drugs to cope with their feelings.

They can be possessive: In relationships, they may become possessive of their lover and suspicious. This is because they themselves are secretive so they may assume others are the same. A healing relationship for them would be to choose a partner who is transparent and doesn’t play games.

The Pisces sun, Scorpio moon needs a partner who can reach their level of empathy, who is just as great an observer as them, but who will teach them to relax their judgment and expectations of others. 

They need a dreamer just like them, but someone with strong, healthy boundaries who will teach them to have the same, so they don’t fall into patterns of codependency or obsession. Their soulmate, who can be hard to find because of their tendency to pick people apart, has an adventurous spirit, a big heart, a strong sense of direction, and an acceptance of life just as it is. 

Learn to love your emotions, life is beautiful, Pisces sun, Scorpio moon – just as it is.

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